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  1. Just to update on this post; Transcript from letter; Final Notice To Owner: 2Further to our notice to owner dated ****** which notified you that a charge of £100 must be paid, we hereby give notice and inform you that the charge has now been increased to £150 to cover admin costs incurred. If by 05/05/2011 07:00:06 the charged amount is not paid, or you have made no attempts to contact us, the amount will be registered as a debt and your details will be forwarded to a debt collection agency for recovery. We must inform you that failure to make payment may result with the balance
  2. Sorry, should have checked it before posting...hope this one is easier to read.... Cheers for the advice folks... traffic note.doc
  3. Finally got round to scanning the document. Have just deleted the car reg and my address for security purposes. Cheers to all those who replied. Ta
  4. Hi, apologies in advance if this has been flagged before but couldn't find it anywhere. Received a traffic enforcement notice today from TPS (Total Parking Solutions) for an overstay at Dunelm Mill Stockport last week. Having read quite a bit online, general concensus says "Ignore, don't pay", I just need clarification that a traffic enforcement notice is the same as fines and penalties. Although they have an image of my vehicle entering their carpark and the reg also, should I just ignore the letters and follow ups from this company regardless. In their letter they state; "Parking w
  5. fij_ni

    fij_ni v Abbey

    So, I got back £630 of charges the other day....today I got a letter to say that these charges are paid back as a goodwill gesture and bumpf about the Banking Ombudsman and having carried out a full investigation they do not contravene regulations blah blah blah. I contacted the number in their letter to see how they can offer me £630 as a goodwill gesture, so I explained to them that they had not entered any defence and I was in a position where I was allowed to request judgement by default. I have now entered this judgement and I expect full payment within the next few days.
  6. fij_ni

    fij_ni v Abbey

    Yeehah, some good news here. Wrote to moneyclaim online yesterday to enquire what happens next and they wrote this morning to say that Scabbey had until 4pm today to basically put up or shut up! I spent the day nervously wondering what they would do next and when I checked my bank this afternoon I noticed that my account was credited with £630...its not it all but its a start. It doesn't represent anything near the £2000+ which I'm owed but now that they have made the first move I'm hopeful I can recover the rest. All along even though I have been quietly confident that I could get my money
  7. fij_ni

    fij_ni v Abbey

    Hi again, just an update as to where I am with Scabbey Abbey. I wrote to them back on 2/7/06 to whcih I got the usual fob off reply that they would investigate this and it would take time....they asked for 28 days in whcih to reply which I duly obliged. They did in fact contatc me sooner than the timescale requested but came back with the usual "We are sorry that you are unhappy with our charges blah blah blah". I responded to this with my final leeter in which I clearly stated that I would give them 14 days in which to reconsider their stand on the case before pursuing through the court. As I
  8. Hi, another newbie here. Posted originally in the wrong section but now I know where I should be I will update as I go along. Original letter for copy of statements sent: Letter for Repayment of Charges sent 2nd July 06 for £2005.00 plus £167.19 interest, total requested: £2172.19 Will update as I get news
  9. hi, having joined this site and viewed a few other sites on this subject I have finally took the bull by the horns and sent off for a copy of all charges from Abbey over the past 6 years. (£1915.00 plus £166.79). I am sending the letter for repayment of charges tomorrow morning recorded delivery, so fingers crossed. fij_ni
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