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  1. hi all!! Just a quick one here. Can i ask for a refund on charges put up against having an agreed overdraft limit and interest on that? oh and i almost forgot, i got hit by even higher charges for going over my agreed overdraft limit. CAN I GET THIS MONEY BACK AND HOW DO I GO ABOUT IT. THANX EVERYONE
  2. i have had the same for the past few years now. HSBC have said this is a yearly fee when they overlook the overdraft facilities provided to me. nothing has changed in my overdraft so why keep charging me. Also, i have been living in my overdraft for a few years now due to my jobs and other expenditures which i cannot do without, but my bank (HSBC) keep charging interest and even higher interest for going over my overdraft limit. Don't they understand that if i had the means to clear my everdraft then i would but being in a job that only pay's minimum wage then it does become difficult to pay my overdraft never mind the extra charges they put onto this
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