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  1. Having good credit record with experian and equifax, and also being declined for credit card and bank account, I decided just to check call credit to see what they have on record about me. Even though being told by the lenders that they credit score me against the above CRA's they also have checked Callcredit. Which I have just found a defaulted account with a Mobile Phone company at an old address, The date of default is February 2004, and last updated with the dreaded black "D" 08/2009. I know that after 6 years the defaulted account should drop off the record. Does anyone know whether is this from when the account went into default (feb 2004), or is it based on the time the account was updated. My second question is, If i settle the account, and the account is shown as settled, will I have to wait 6 years from the settlement date before the default is removed. If anyone can advise that would be great Many Thanks Jae
  2. Hmmmmm Something not quiet right with this one, Being made redundant, re-employed and giving redundancy back !!!!! Original thread in June and took the advise from this site, then all happy with Ell's responses and must say the defense makes sense to the information which was made available. Then............ Her last post, which does not make sense to me at all "I dont think i will visit this site again " Oh well, lets hope that her solicitor can get it sorted for her and it doesn't cost her too much in legal fees.
  3. Thanks for your replies, I just wanted to tidy up my credit file and get old records deleted
  4. I recently sent experian a request to have some of the linked addresses on my report removed because they are over 6 years old, and surely any information that is recorded against that address should have already been deleted (my understanding is that CRA do not store information over 6 years old), The earliest linked address is dated 2001 This is the reply i got Quote Thank you for your email, which we received on 21 July 2009. I note your concerns but would explain that we keep linked address entries on your report for up to eight years. This is to ensure that any relevant financial information at your previous addresses is made available to lenders. I would also advise that there arent as many address links registered as you may think there are. A linked address entry may appear more than once if there is more than one address in your CreditExpert profile. Although you may see the same linked address entry several times when you check your report, there is only one entry on our records. These entries are retrieved when we search your current address and again when we search each previous address. So please don't worry. Although you can see the same link more than once, when lenders look at your information they can only see the entry once at each address that they search. Unquote Its really confusing, they are saying linked addresses for eight years !! but if there is no information about me at the address it is irrelevant Any ideas as to whether i can insist that all adresses over 6 years can be deleted Many Thanks Jae
  5. Thanks Sequenci I can argue and confirm that I did not receive original summons / orders, but this debt is more like a personal one where the claimant say I owe them money, when I don't, Will they have to show the court proof of what they are claiming for, or it could be their word against mine
  6. Yes it would be interesting to know, cos at the moment my credit score is going down each month, even though all my payments are upto day But whether experian are willing to offer us information how they score us as to them it is probably confidential, I did do How to improve my score and answer all the questions accordingly and it shows my score as 825, but in reality my score is 719.. very confusing
  7. Hi Sequenci, I was not aware I could apply, have now completed the N244 asking for the order to be set aside, Do you or anyone know what will happen if it is set aside? Thanks
  8. Are you sure it's a credit reference check, and not a criminal record check?
  9. Hi I'm sure you can do it online, go the to log on screen and clock "forgotten my login details" this will take you to a screen where you you fill in your name email address, they will email your login details. Once logged in there you can cancel you membership etc Hope this helps
  10. Thats probably why your application was declined, Cos they have no record or information about you
  11. Hi I dont know if anyone can explain this but I regularly check my credit rating with Experian and Equifax, With Experian I have 1 CCJ recorded against me, which I have put a Notice of Correction Stating that Its a private CCJ, not a bad debt and I dont owe the person anything, but cannot get overturned as I am unable to contact them. My question is my credit score is always lower that the previous report E.g. I got my credit score of 753 (Fair) contributing factors:- 3 active accounts, all upto date, no defaults and 2 credit Searches within last 3 months, includes the CCJ, and 50% of available credit used. 3 Months later I requested another score, thinking that it would go up, but it had gone down to 719 (Poor)contributing factors;- 3 Active accounts, all upto date, no defaults and 0 Credit Searches within last 3 months, includes the CCJ, and 38% of available credit used. My question is does anyone know if experian or equifax change their parameters / points for the credit scores. Just seems strange my score is going down, rather than up Any Ideas anyone Jae
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