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  1. Hi This is all depressingly interesting - depressing in that I'm not alone, which is nice - misery loves company and all that, but not nice that we're all being treated like a big corporate savings scheme to fund the home for bewildered bankers..... I've now launched my own flood of letters onto the world of the banks and lenders in a bid to retrieve what I believe is rightfully mine - ESPECIALLY the £23k PPI, which incidentally I only just found out didn't even cover me even though I was named as insured! But the thing that galls me most is the way I've been treated by Barclay
  2. Thats a relief! I feel better knowing that....thanks:) I'll get more info from him about what the problems are and see if there's any advice we can get to sort out the monkeys-on-his-back.
  3. Hi I'm new here and reading through all the forums it seems there's loads of stuff I just thought I had to put up with in life that perhaps I dont. So my question about the Debt people is this - my ex has had an unfortunate run of luck in the last year and although he's getting back on his feet now he's had a number of DCA/Bailiffs chasing him. Unfortuneatley some of these people don't realise that he's moved to a different house and are chasing him here. One lot recently turned up on the doorstep (while I was out) and when I called the woman said that they were allowed to take
  4. Thanks Sleepz! Doesn't sound too bad....I'll give it a go!
  5. Hi I'm hoping to reclaim my PPI but I wanted some advice if anyone has any? 3 years ago my ex took out a joint names loan with first plus for £95k and was sold PPI at £23K - loan was over 20 years. He was sold this by our 'relationship' manager who has known of his employment status for a long time. My ex is a contractor and has been for years, although at the time he was working through an umbrella company for tax reasons. Technically he was employed, but at the end of the day if he didn't get jobs that employment just ended. At the time I was employed in the proper sense of the
  6. I tried the remortgage route this week, but everywhere I phoned said Not a chance of lending if the property's in negative equity, which is a shame (of course being with GMAC i can't switch to another of their mortgages - and why would I want to?! - because their book's closed). I think your idea of talking face to face with someone in the bank is a great idea, I did that recently with Barclays over a couple of fraudulent transactions made against my account in March and they did nothing - then spoke to a nice person in the bank branch and problem solved in 2 days.
  7. Thanks for the reply. I'll get the legible copy of T&C's and read through it. As soon as I get the PPI back that will take a chunk off that one too. I think you're right about giving the money to GMAC, especially if I can get a regular savings account at 3% and then take that money and pay GMAC (2.14%) I might actually start to make some headway!
  8. Again, you have my sympathy and I really really don't understand their position at all. I can't believe that they have grounds for this but I'm not sure what to suggest except keep going - I hope someone else here can come up with something more concrete. You've tried citizens advice bureau? Solicitors? I was told by GMAC that I'd have to instruct a solicitor to get the ex removed from deeds etc. I can't believe it, as you sound like you're more likely to pay/try to pay and that your ex is no good for any of it and is more of a liability and risk exposure for them?
  9. Actually thinking about it, you could try calling your mortage company again and asking to speak to someone more senior who might know what they're talking about and finding out if that's true. It might just be that the person you spoke to was a muppet who didn't know the difference between underwriters reviewing an existing loan and applying for a new one. You should be able to change your current mortgage without applying for a new one. If they say no, ask them why and post their response up here?
  10. Hi there Am also in process of seperating for ex (who's financially incompetent). I've been phoning around my mortgage and secured loan people today and have also tried selling this house last october. The secured loan puts my house in negative equity so I asked if they'd give a personal loan for the difference - they wouldn't even talk to me about it until I had an offer on the house, so I had to go through 12 week process of selling house, paying for HIP, and disappointing a lovely couple who really wanted to buy it (and pay a top price for it too) just to be told by bank 'Nah
  11. Update: Paid to get my land registry report yesterday. It seems Barclays have miraculously found a way of registering the charge at land registry on 23rd of June 2009 - around about the time I started questioning what's been going with this loan...... You know I'd like to think that the financial institutions are a bunch of you-know-what's merely out to stitch up the public (and largely they are), but the vast majority of the problems that arise on a day to day basis are just compounded by ill-trained, incompetant staffing, inapproriate application of rules and antiquated bug-ridden soft
  12. Don't know whether this lives under secured loans or PPI - its a bit of both. In 2006 my soon-to-be-ex took out a secured loan against this house, with FirstPlus - in joint names. He was also sold PPI (which we're now reclaiming as he's a contractor). We're now in negative equity as the mortgage and the secured loan come to about £50k more than the value of the house. In my recent investigations into any possible ways of getting this sorted out before the divorce I discovered a number of things. GMAC (mortgage lender) - more than happy to receive additional payments of the
  13. Ah well, that answers that question - many phone calls later to otherwise charming people full of interesting advice....no one will lend more than 90%, so trying to think of more creative solutions. Thanks for the advice though
  14. Thanks Lilythepink, I'll try them tomorrow and see what they say. Its got to be worth a shot!
  15. I don't suppose anyone knows if there's any lenders out there doing 120% - I need to buy out the ex and we're in negative equity?
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