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  1. Metropolitan are HSBCs own in-house debt collectors. Your debt has simply been given to them to deal with, so it is still owned by HSBC and this is why it shows as such on your credit file. Hope that's of help
  2. I went to ASDA on Thursday and there were no signs of anything Christmasy that I noticed. Perhaps our part of the world is a month behind everyone else!
  3. If it is obvious that the dog is a support dog then that would certainly have made it clear that the bailiff was dealing with someone who is disabled and he should have backed off. Could it be worth writing to the bailiff company and pointing that out to them, and demanding to know why the bailiff continued with his actions. Personally, after reading the first post, I felt that the bailff thought he had an easy target and deliberately continued with a form of harrassment.
  4. I wanted to do this about 5 years ago and was given an absolute no from the mortgage company. They said that they would only do it if a new mortgage was taken out in one name only. I have no idea whether or not this is something that all mortgage companies do, but looking at situations from friends who have divorced they have all had to remortgage rather than just taking a name off the current mortgage. It might be best to speak to your mortgage company and see what they say.
  5. I have signed up to Noddle and frankly there is very little on there, so I take this to be a good sign! My new address is on there, but the last search done was by an anti money laundering company last year which was probably to do with paying off my mortgage. There are no searches on there with regard to the new address and the only accounts listed are an old Barclays account which is standing at 0 and my current bank account which says up to date. The only reference I can find to Santander is where it names Mr B as a connection and the date for that is November 2010.
  6. Just had a thought. Don't want Moorcrap getting my new address (I live with an elderly relative and certainly don't want them having to deal with phone calls or people knocking at the door as they would never cope with it). If I sign up with Noddle, surely they will then list my new address for all to see? My bank knows my new address so maybe it will be on there already. Now I'm confused - although I admit that doesn't take much these days
  7. I have moved home recently (8 months ago), so it might not be right up to date. Next question! Does anyone know where I should send the SAR? I have 2 addresses for Santander - one is PO Box 388 Sheffield, the other is Triton Square in London. The second is their registered office and the PO Box one is the address given on a statement they sent at the beginning of June.
  8. Hi DX. No, didn't get CRA file, I'm still rather wary of checking anything with the credit reference agencies as I don't want to start opening a can of worms. I have read somewhere that once you start checking, then the likes of DCAs know you might be worried about something and put on the heat!! Sorry if I sound paranoid, but after nearly 6 years of constant worry, threats of repossession, harrassment from DCAs and bailiffs I have just about run out of steam and the end of my tether is hanging by a thread. I just want to sort this final problem out and hop
  9. Thanks for your replies. Will definately get the SAR off to Santander, can kick myself for not doing it sooner but I don't seem to have stopped over the summer! Re the CCA request to Midas. Not sure I want to contact them until it's absolutely necessary as I don't want them harrassing me, so is there anything to be gained from requesting a CCA? Also, should I mention that they have not followed proper protocol by threatening legal action on first contact? I suspect they will simply reply that they are not threatening anything, just suggesting what could happen if
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