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  1. Thanks CitizenB, at least I now have something to go on. I will need to tweek it a little because the letter wasn't sent to me but to Mr B. I will post here with what I come up with as soon as I can find the time to do it. I have complained to Noddle because it shows me being linked to Mr B financially, but they said that there was nothing they could do about it because there is still a current bank account showing. The account in question is a dormant account (and it does show as this) which I spoke to Barclays about. They couldn't close it because they needed Mr B's joint permissi
  2. Actually, have just thought that typing in the contents of the letter might be helpful. So here goes: Dear Mr Blackadder, Debt originally owed to ....... Assigned by Phoenix Recoveries (UK) Limited S.a.r.l Account number ....... Notice of Assignment We advise you that Phoenix Recoveries (UK) Litied Sarl has assigned all of its respective rights, title and interest in respect of the above referenced account (including the right to receive payment of the outstanding balance) to Arrow Global Guernsey Limited, effective 06.06.2011. Any payments made on this account af
  3. Thank you for your replies. CitizenB - you are absolutely correct. I do not want my address being passed on to anyone in connection with Mr B. This was supposed to be a fresh start for me, so please forgive me if I seem somewhat annoyed, angry and upset by the fact that these people have had the audacity to use my address to try to contact him, when that address will not be listed under anything to do with him. I think contacting the OFT is a good idea, and they may be able to tell me where I stand. In relation to the letter, there are no phone contact details and although the let
  4. Just a little input that may or may not be of help/interest with this thread. I have started my own thread because a similar letter arrived at my address from Arrow Global. However, it was addressed to my ex who has never lived at this address as I came here 5 years after he left me, so they obviously think that using underhand tactics to get to him via me is totally acceptable. Also, there are no phone numbers on the letter either. I think they are definately phishing around for information after buying up a load of old and probably statute barred debts.
  5. Thanks for your reply j1mmy. I have just written on the letter that the person does not live here, so perhaps I will just put that back in the post at their expense. My concern though, is that I will then be harangued by this company demanding information. It's easy to say 'tell them to go away' (trust me, nothing would please me more!) but I don't even want them knowing anything about me, and sending them a letter will confirm to them that there is, at least, someone with the same surname as the person they are looking for. Unlike your situation where the woman had lived there a
  6. Hi, Is there anyone who has encountered this same problem? I would really appreciate any help, ideas etc as I have no intentions of being harrassed by a company who think they can use such underhand tactics.
  7. Hi everyone, would be very grateful for some advice regarding some company called Arrow Global. This morning a letter arrived at my NEW address, but it was addressed to my ex. Anyone who has read any of my other postings over the years will be aware that Mr B did a disappearing act nearly 6 years ago, leaving no forwarding address. I have had little to no contact with him in that time and still have no idea where he is. I don't want to know either. I sold the joint property last year and moved in with an elderly relative who has been kind enough to give us a home, so I was blood
  8. Thank you zydeco, found it! OK, next problem The letter says about taking them to court if they don't comply. Good idea, only I just don't have the money to threaten this kind of thing and then follow it through. Not sure if I can adapt the letter in some way or if there is another option.
  9. Really sorry, I've gone to the library but I just can't find the failure to respond SAR letter. Perhaps I need a white stick!! Can anyone be a bit more specific about where it is? Also, I have managed to call the Post Office (number for anyone else who needs it is 08457 223344 - lots of buttons to push initially, but the staff were really helpful once I got through), and have discovered that the postal order I sent made payable to santander has not been cashed. So at least I know that the SAR hasn't got lost in the post!
  10. Have absolutely no idea if any payments have been made, and santander obviously don't want me to know!! Could anyone please point me in the direction of failure to comply letter. Many thanks
  11. With regard to this one, i t seems to have completely disappeared from my credit report last month along with several other accounts for things like store cards that were defaulted on around 6 years ago. Could this be a possible sign that it is statute barred? The only reference to an account with santander is if I click on the link for associated names and it still gives Mr Blackadder as being associated with me for this account. Other than that there is no sign of it.
  12. I sent my SAR to santander, which was signed for on 11 September 2012. We are now well past the 40 days allowed and I have received absolutely nothing from them at all, so what would be my next step? I can't find out whether or not the postal order I sent for the £10 has been cashed (I had it made payable to santander), and the woman at my local post office said that there was no way of finding out - which, judging by looking on the internet, is true!
  13. Have just had my latest Credit Reference Agency report, and apparantly my credit rating has dropped from 3/5 to just 1/5 but with no explanation as to why. Nothing has changed from previous months. I am up to date with any payments/direct debits and haven't used my overdraft, and the only new thing on there is a check by my new insurance company for my car insurance which looks like a pretty standard thing. I am not even paying my car insurance in instalments this year, I've managed to pay it all upfront, so the only checks they have made are for money laundering and to confirm my addr
  14. The date though is 2010. We certainly never received anything at that time to say that the debt had been passed to anyone else and it wasn't until I rang Santander in July of this year that I was told the debt had been 'passed on' to Moorcroft about 10 days before. That leaves a gap of about 18 months between the account apparantly being closed/settled and the debt being passed on, which is why I am confused about it.
  15. Still no sar from Santander, but it has only been about 21 days. However, on looking at my credit report again, I noticed that this account from Santander was marked as 'settled' in December 2010. There is also a marker from the month before which says there were sustained arrears but a new agreement for payment was made with the lender. As I didn't even know about this account, I haven't really got much idea what either of those things mean. If Mr B did indeed make a new agreement to pay then why is it marked as 'settled' the following month when, quite clearly, it wasn't. Anyone
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