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  1. Camelot eh? Perhaps they'll be hoping to find King Arthur buried under a multi-storey next!
  2. Hello guests. Do you all work for Santander and moorcroft? If so, perhaps you would get your facts straight when communicating with me. Or in Santanders case, not communicating with me DX, thank you for your reply, it crossed with my posting. It would appear that I was correct then in supposing that moorcroft does not own the debt. Interesting, because the woman I spoke to at Santander led me to believe that they would have nothing further to do with me and that I could only now deal with moorcroft.
  3. Yes, everything has been sent to Santander by a trackable method. I have sent all letter by first class recorded delivery. So far I have not made any contact with Moorcroft. They have only sent one letter so far which claimed that as we had not made any effort to make any repayments to them, which would have been difficult as that was the first letter they had ever sent! I do not want to contact them, certainly not at the moment anyway for several reasons, not least of which I do not want them getting my new address. Mr B has very carefully hidden himself away and
  4. Ok, so I have still not received any response. It is now two weeks since I sent them the second letter. What is the next step? I cannot believe that an organisation as large as Santander can't even acknowledge receipt of a letter, let alone respond to what you have asked for. Could it be that they think they don't have to respond because they have passed the debt over to someone else to be dealt with? From the little info I have, it doesn't look like the debt has been sold on to Moorcroft, just passed to them to be dealt with. As I haven't received the
  5. I have, at long last, found some time to put together a letter to santa.. regarding their non-compliance. Could someone give this the once over and let me know if it's ok. Dear useless peeps at santa I am writing further to my letter of 7 September 2012 regarding a SAR for the above account and also enclosing a £10 postal order in payment of the SAR. You had 40 days inwhich to respond to my request. You have now had well beyond the 40 days allowed but you have failed to even acknowledge my request, let alone provide the required information. I am now giving you seven days
  6. Another letter arrived from these people today, addressed to the ex at my address. On telling the Postman, he took it straight back and said that he would put an official Post Office sticker on it saying that it could not be delivered because the person it is addressed to doesn't live there. He also said that if I get anymore then to give them back to him and he will do the same. I will keep a note of the date that I hand any of these letters back to the postman so that I can keep a track of what keeps being sent. Another thing that has become apparant is that my son is becoming qu
  7. Your WH smith voucher was probably a paper one, inwhich case there usually isn't a time limit. The problem comes from the new credit card style cards which they put the time limit on. I just don't buy them now!
  8. Thank you bandit, that is really good. I will definately use that if it reaches the point that they won't b*gger off! To be honest, it is causing me distress. Selling my home and moving on were all part of the process of putting the past behind me and then these numpties think they can try to use me to find someone I want nothing further to do with. I don't hate Mr B, but the past is the past and we all have to move on. At the end of the day, the person they have written to does not live here - end of. Out of interest Bandit, you say that you based your reply on correspondence y
  9. I have received a reply from OFT which links me to a government document for the 'Use, Format and Content of standard debt collection letters.' It really mainly covers letters being clear and the debt collector being 'reasonably' certain they are sending it to the right person. This is, I'm sure, how Arrow will try to get round any complaint I might make because they will say that they were reasonably sure they were sending it to the correct person. The fact that the address is wholly inaccurate doesn't seem to have occured to them! The only section I can find that might relate to my
  10. Hi Nailpost. I suspect that Arrow will try to argue that they are not holding my information and have not sent anything to me, and I doubt very much they will want to admit why they have used my address to contact my ex. Hadn't thought about the ICO though, so that is possibly another route for me to go down, because they have obviously misused my information for their own gain - is there such a thing as inverted harrassment??!!
  11. My new address is listed under my own bank account and also with the one credit card I still have. I expect they looked at those. There are also address links which show where you have lived over the last few years and they may well have access to that. There is no record of a search by them, only from the company who I took out my car insurance with, but it is possible it was done just before or after my new credit report was made available (which was 4 days ago. It does seem very frustrating though that these debt collectors can use underhand tactics and there seems very little you c
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