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  1. Hi Brig, thank you for the very quick response. I don't want to write to Wescot yet, I really want something from Santander that admits they should not be pursuing the debt as it is statute barred. I will be using a combination of the above to point this out to them with the hope of getting a positive reply. Not until that point will I want to send anything to Wescot as I think they will just keep banging on about what was owed when the account defaulted rather than the fact that it is now statute barred. I want it cut and dried so that wes can't hassle me any further (especially by wri
  2. I have today received a letter from Santander regarding my complaint to them. As far as I am concerned, they have contradicted themselves by saying that the money is owed but they then go on to say about the default date. I have typed the letter out: Dear Mrs B Thank you for highlighting your concerns and giving me the opportunity to investigate this matter. My understanding of your complaint is that you are unhappy that a default is showing on your credit file, for your bank account xxxxx, dated xxxxx 2011. You say that there has been no activity on the account by you since
  3. Have just made one final adjustment. On point three, I have realised that this is the date Santander closed the account (according to the paperwork they sent me). It is certainly not when the account was defaulted on, so I have replaced it with: '3.The default date ofDecember 2011 is when Santanderchose to close the account, not when the account was defaulted on.' On a related point, Wescot have now sent yet another letter to Mr B at this address. However, its contents confuse me and I am hoping you might have a clue what they are going on about. (please note that I have not opene
  4. Hi Brig, hope you are around to take a quick look at the changes I have made to your letter. I have only typed in the paragraph with the changes, everything else has been left the same. Any comments? I want to get this right! Dear Sir/madam I refer to an entry made on my credit reference files held by Noddle Credit ReferenceAgency (screen print attached). As Santander iswell aware, this account was defaulted more than 6 years ago, the last possibletransaction made by the customer being August 2006. Any further movements on the accountafter this date were all made by
  5. Further help required! A reply has been received to the statute barred letter that was sent (see #91). I have not opened it but have been able to get the following information: They say thank you for getting in touch and for notifying them of the query. (What query was that then? I thought a simple statement of fact had been made about the debt being statute barred). They will need to get back to their client to confirm information and this may take several weeks. In the meantime perhaps someone would be good enough to contact them (get stuffed ). That's the gist of wha
  6. Oh wow, that is a really good letter! Thank you again Brig. Have spent the whole day trying to sort out financial things of one kind or another so you have, yet again, taken a weight from my shoulders. I will read it through thoroughly once I have the time to sit for more than five minutes, tweak it where necessary and get it off to Santander. As far as I can make out, they are still the owners and anyone else has simply been acting on their behalf. Am I correct in thinking that if this is the case, any debt collectors cannot take direct action and can only pass the debt back to the o
  7. Another letter has arrived addressed only to Mr B. I Haven't opened it, but have been able to ascertain that it is from Wescot again, saying that their 'latest enquiries' confirm that he 'still' lives at this address. HE HAS NEVER LIVED AT THIS ADDRESS How stupid are these people. They are continuing to demand repayment within the next week. Obviously this letter has crossed with the statute barred letter sent to them, so can only wait and see I suppose what they do next. However, this leads me to another problem relating to this matter that has arisen. Since 2010 this account has
  8. Cheers Brig . Think I will remove the 'on behalf of' bit - suddenly it made sense to take it off ! Will get it in the post tomorrow and will keep you informed of what happens.
  9. Hi Brig, I have adapted the letter that you very kindly wrote for me, with a few small alterations. Just wondered what your thoughts are before I send it off by recorded delivery. Not sure whether or not to put 'On behalf of Mr E Blackadder' or to not put anything other than a squiggle as a signature. Other than that, I intend to post the letter exactly as it is below without a contact address, my point being that I have no-where to direct them as far as forwarding goes! Forthe personal attention of The Compliance Manager, Wescot Credit Services. Re: Referenc
  10. Hi Brig, hope you are around and about as I have some thoughts about the letter. My biggest concern is that, having read it through several more times, it doesn't make it clear that the address they have written to is not Mr Bs, it is simply asking them to remove it from their records. A fact that I am sure they will be particularly reluctant to do whatever the circumstances, especially as they won't have any other address for him. This is the point that I really need to get across to them, but I am anxious that if I send them the letter they will take it as acknowledgement of this bein
  11. You're more than welcome I'm impressed that CAG thinks I have some reputation to spread around
  12. Thank you for your speedy responses. Next daft question, do I still address it to Data Controller? There was no name given on the letter from wessy, just a load of 'issued by', 'on behalf of' and reference numbers for about 3 different things. Lord only knows which one you are expected to quote back at them in correspondence, the nearest thing I can find is 'The Recovery Department'. (Our local hospital has one of those...) Had to laugh at the information on the back of the letter. It says that you have to respond within 7 days of the date of the letter. It took 6 days to get here
  13. Thank you Brig, another good letter. The letter isn't going to Santander though, it is to wescot who now seem to have the debt. There is nothing in the letter from them to Mr B that states it has been passed to them from moorcroft who originally wrote last september (addressed to both of us at the old address which is why it was forwarded to me), so I'm assuming that moorcroft passed it back to santander who have now passed it on to wescot. Could this be yet another sign of it being statute barred?? I suppose that I just change the names above and insert wescot inplace of santander or
  14. Brig, thank you so much yet again. Yes, the letter would be extremely helpful - I just don't seem to be able to put anything like that together anymore. Presumably, the letter would have to be sent out with no actual address on it, on the grounds that I don't have a clue where Mr B is, let alone have an address for him. The other option is to put our old address on it I suppose - any replies would probably be forwarded to me anyway! Thank you again, your offer is very much appreciated:-)
  15. Oh dear, this one has become a little more complicated, so any further help would be appreciated. It would appear that the santander debt has now gone from moorcroft to wescot. The complication is that a letter has arrived from wescot addressed just to Mr B but to MY new address. This has been an ongoing problem as someone somewhere seems to think that they can use my new address to contact Mr B. I rang CL Finance about two weeks ago when a letter had arrrived from them and chewed their ears off because I was so angry. They claimed that as Mr B's name was linked w
  16. Okey dokey, it certainly reads fine to me as it is. No doubt they will try to argue the toss in some way or other! Thank you again, Brig. Very much appreciated
  17. Thank you Brig, that is a great help. I am just wondering about the second paragraph; would it be better to put in a sentence about receiving information from Santander, or is it better not to mention it and keep it as it is?
  18. Oh, yes please Brig. I would be very grateful if you could help me with this one. Thank you Not having a good day, looks like my income is going to be falling sooner than I had anticipated so worry has set in Yoru help is one less weight off my mind! Mrs B.
  19. Thank you Brig. In what way do you mean 'carefully worded'? I don't want to get it wrong!
  20. Is there any point firing off a SB letter to moorcroft at this point, something along the lines of 'thanks for your letter of last September, but this is statute barred', or should sleeping dogs be left to lie?
  21. I have now received, much to my amazement, a reply from santander. It is a letter along with eleven pages of statements, each page with only 1 or 2 things listed on it. The letter reads thus: Dear Mrs Blackadder, You have asked for copies of your bank statements, which we assume is to enable you to reconcile your bank charges. Please find enclosed statements for the above numbered account from the earliest date held on our system (18 July 2006) to closure. Please note that there are no statements from 6 november 2006 to 24 april 2008 as there was no movement on the acco
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