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  1. Hi CitizenB. I have exactly the same thought as you, that it will just get sold on to some other debt collector who will then continue the harassment - or even worse get a CCJ by some underhand method because we've all moved on again and we never get their letters. I do wonder, though, that reading between the lines satans know full well that the debt is statute barred so although they say they reserve the right to sell the debt, will they actually do it? I also notified wescot that the debt is statute barred (sent them a copy of the first letter I received from satans that clearly states t
  2. Hi Brig, hope you are around and about and can cast a beady-eye over the long awaited reply from satans. Here goes: Ref: 123abcxyz Dear Mrs Blackadder I write further to your recent letter of which the contents have been noted. My understanding of your complaint is that you are unhappy as since receiving my colleague's response you have checked your credit file and you state that the default notice has yet again been reinstated and this time to show the date of the 13 april 2013. I have investigated fully your case and it is clear that the level of service you have r
  3. Thanks for the comments Brig. Having looked through as much of the info as I can stomach, I have found this email between departments. It says: The account was with recoveries in Jan 2007 and the customer did not pay anything to the balance so the account should have defaulted on 8 Feb 2007 but didn't. This account and flexi account amalgamated to make one balance, account actually defaulted on 5 December 2011 when account was written off. This is an error and the account should have defaulted on 8 feb 2007. emailed cdq to amend as the default should now have expired. Emailed agenc
  4. Today, for some reason, I have received a bundle of information claiming to have been sent following my SAR request to satans. My request was made last September - I never received anything within the 40 days so made a complaint. Two weeks later they sent me what I considered to be the result of my SAR request. This bundle has now been sent, I suspect, because of my letter of complaint about, well everything to do with satans really!! It must have taken an elephant to deliver it, let alone the postman, so proves that my original request was not complied with. I haven't had time to go thro
  5. Why do we still have to have a tv licence? I have to pay for sky tv, but that's my choice and I can alter the packages to suit my taste and budget, but I feel that having to pay a licence to own a device on which I can watch tv is outdated. The old argument that there wouldn't be enough advertising to go around both the BBC and ITV has clearly been proven wrong, and I disagree that it is only the BBC who can produce quality tv, so we have to fund it even if we don't watch it. Perhaps I am just old and crotchety these days, but I'm so tired of being ripped off !
  6. I've just had my 119th birthday - or does it just feel like that because of all the stress caused by naffin' satans and their partners in crime?!!! If you remember Janet and John you probably don't remember the Ladybird Reading Scheme which came in about the time that J&J were being phased out. I loved the Ladybird characters; Peter, Jane and Pat the dog. They were delightfully middle class and gave us all something to aspire to, namely owning a lovely semi-detached on a new housing development and, the icing on the cake, a Ford Cortina. No wonder we've all got problems now N
  7. If you remember Janet & John we must be of a similar age - it suddenly creeps up on you just how old you are!!
  8. I had quite a few charging orders on my joint property, thanks to the ex. Sadly, once there is a charging order in place it just sits there until either the creditor tries to force the sale of the property (quite unlikely, there were approx 6 orders on my house and none of them ever took it any further) or you sell the property and the charges have to be paid back. There are all sorts of legal bits and bobs that people quote that say you can get out of paying the charging orders and, maybe if you find a very well versed solicitor, you might get out of paying them.
  9. Cheers, Brig! I doubt either organisation is going to give in without a fight, but they are both in the wrong. Out of interest, what do I do if westcot continues to write following this letter; after all, I have now told them twice that the debt is statute barred and made it clear that I know that my credit report has been altered twice, but without actually accusing them of it. Presumably, once they have been given proof that the debt is statute barred they should stop making contact?
  10. Hi Brig, don't want to push you as I'm sure you're extremely busy, but just wondering if you have had time to look at the letters? I'm hoping to get them sent tomorrow - don't want to leave it too much longer incase they think I've lost interest in them!! Really just want to know that they make sense and that I've not landed myself in it in some way, such as them trying to say I admit to the debt - that kind of thing. I'm certainly not going to let them get away with trying to reinstate the account on my credit report, I think that's the kind of thing the ICO would be interested in. Gr
  11. Yes Brig, that's absolutely fine. There is rather a lot there... 1 letter to satans, 1 letter to westies and info about how the satans account has made a miraculous return to the land of credit reports!! I'm just grateful that you are good enough to help out. Could not possibly manage to deal with this by myself. Mrs B x
  12. Have just finished putting the finishing touches to it. What do you reckon? Hope I've covered all the bases with the minimum of fuss. Don't know if you have read a few posts up, Brig, but Satans had the account removed from my credit report. It was gone for a month, but this month it has been put back on again and made to look as if the default was this April. I'm sure it's actually Wescot who are doing this as it seems to coincide with letters from them, but they are acting on behalf of satans. Surely, whoever is doing this, they can't possibly re-instate a statute barred account?
  13. Wescot have written again! Unfortunately their offer of a reduction on the amount has expired (oh dear) but they are happy to come to an agreement on a repayment plan. All we have to do is phone them. I can only assume that they really do know that they are chasing something that's statute barred, or else why would they be being so kind and generous? Still, they are going to get a letter in the next couple of days informing them that they can go take a very long walk off a very short plank, and that I am quite aware that my credit report has been seriously tam
  14. Absolutely no way that I am NOT going to make an official complaint now!! Here is my offering to them. Again, any suggestions, responses etc all gratefully received They truly have absolutely no idea how angry I am with them. FAO Brig - I have added sentences to the relevant points as you suggested above. Dear nobody Since receiving your letter, I have checked my latest credit report and found to my absolute horror and disgust that, having been removed for just one month, this account has been reinstated on my creditreport yet again as an open account and this time with a d
  16. Thank you for the pointers Brig. I shall change point one, and request that they tell me which organisation changed the information (my money is on westies, as it was done soon after the debt was passed to them). Not sure what I should put for point 2 as it is possible that without the amount of charges it might have been paid off, but as I was not aware of the account at the time then I can't say this for sure. Unfortunately, the SAR that they sent only goes back to about July 2006 so I don't know what was added before that, however every debit on the account after that date, without e
  17. Ok, here is letter number 1. This one is for Satans. I will, hopefully, being doing the one for westies after tea. My one concern is point number 2 - I do not want them trying to say that this is admission of the debt. Anyone's thoughts on this? Ref: use theirs. Dear xxxxxxxxx Thank you for your letter of ,received . I have a number of comments to make regarding the conduct of Santander in this matter. 1.The recording of a default date as inaccurate as has happened in this case isextremely serious and could indicate either misuse of the data and/or gro
  18. Thanks for that Brig, aka Baldrick! I will amend it slightly, as I am going to send them a copy of the letter from Santander which says that they made a huge mistake and that the account has 'expired', for want of a better word. Even though the letter from satans also says that the amount at default is correct and must still be paid to Westcot, I shall be pointing out to Wescot that it doesn't matter what the amount was, it is still statute barred. (I am going to challenge Satans over the amount at default anyway, because at least £400 of it is made up of charges). I suspect that Wescot
  19. Brig, please be my guest Try not to be too horrible to them though because, as Frankie Howerd used to say, 'Don't mock the afflicted'.
  20. Sooo, the saga continues !! I have held off contacting westies for various reasons, but interestingly they have now sent Mr B another letter at this address offering a discount. Yes, that's right folks, A DISCOUNT (which has been agreed by their client), but only if he replies within the next 4 days. After that they will continue to pursue the full amount. I think not, Mr Bond. If payment of the discounted debt cannot be made, they are open to reasonable repayment terms. Again, I think not . Can't imagine why they should be offering a discount, can you? They don't say how much
  21. Ok, here is my version of your letter to wescot. I'm not sure about the third paragraph - perhaps I should leave it out as I don't know that telling them about the credit report thing has any relevance at this stage. Could maybe use it later on if they continue to try to make contact even after being told about it being stat barred. Dear people at wessie I refer to recent communication from Wescot regarding an alledged debt for £xxxx relating to an account with Satans bank. Please note that I do NOT acknowledge any debt to wessie or any company it may claim to represent. Pl
  22. Hoping to get it done today Brig. Am also working on another letter to ICO regarding Creation Financial Services. They placed a closed account back onto my credit report and made it open with a £1000 credit limit when it should actually have been disappearing (well, it wasn't actually on my report, it just made a sudden reappearance.) Six months on and several complaints down the line, they have now made it a closed and settled account as from 30 march this year. Effectively, they have given this account a 12 year life span as it now won't disappear from my credit report until 2018. I've
  23. Checked my up to date credit report at the weekend and...... this has disappeared completely :whoo:No signs of whatsoever! Santander have, on this occassion, been true to their word and done what they said they would. Probably thought they'd better get this one right as they have made such a pig's ear of the rest of the information. Am still furious that they thought they could get away with making a closed account look like it was open and only just recently defaulted on. Also checked the first letter that was sent to Mr B from wescot regarding this and it is dated just on two weeks a
  24. I've been looking around on the internet at how people interpret statute barred and it makes for some interesting reading. I stumbled across a site which I assume is actually run by Satans and it is so biased. It does admit that if a debt is statute barred then you cannot be taken to court for it, but it is hidden away in amongs loads of other information which is all pushing towards making you feel like a really bad person for not being able to manage your debts. I even found another piece of information where the person was claiming CAG to be their nemesis!!! I have never wanted to a
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