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  1. An interesting read that link. I can think of a million things I could type, but frankly the man isn't worth the wear and tear on my fingers. He has only got his money because he has played on others people's misery and has employed underhand tactics in doing so. What goes around comes around, and I truly believe that at some point he will receive the proverbial kick up the backside and with any luck will end up with a debt collector chasing him. I don't suppose that he would agree with me, but one thing I have learned in the past couple of years is that material things mean naff all. The
  2. Wow, you are the first man I have come across who has accepted an apology graciouslly . Wish there was a parallel universe, you wouldn't see me for dust... (but knowing my luck at the moment it would probably be a bl**dy sight worse than this one lol). I think your psychic powers must have let you down today because there isn't much strength building at the moment. Having dumped the third car load of my life in three days at the local tip it all became a bit much and I sat and cried. Then, something that PriorityOne mentioned came into my head which was that she was now buying her own
  3. Most men are stupid (My apologies to all the nice, caring and genuine men who are on here - you are excluded from my criticism. That's if you really exist ) Had to ring the court this morning, only to be told (as I expected really) that what the judge has put in his notes stands. I have now put my side of things in writing and asked them to please check again as I still don't see how 3 people could think one thing while he seems to think he has decided another. My faith in the English justice system hangs in the balance!
  4. Out of interest PriorityOne, how did 'they' trace your ex? Mine seems to have made sure that all roads lead back to me!
  5. I rang the court today about the discrepancy. They didn't fob me off and took all the details and said that they would try to call back by 4pm today. They didn't, so will call them again in the morning. I'm not at all hopeful that they will agree with my version of events in the court room, but I don't see how 3 people could have got it wrong. I will let you know what happens and whether or not I get to stay in my house any longer.
  6. okey dokey, let's hope I'm in the right place! There are charging orders on my property and I would like to know what happens when my home is repossessed and they can't be paid due a shortfall? Someone on here kindly told me that they become unsecured again, but what happens after that? None of these charging orders are mine but it will have a knock on affect as to what will happen if they can't be paid. Sorry if my thread is in the wrong place, but I'm still getting the hang of this computer thing
  7. I thought there were rules about dca's addressing letters to 'the occupier' and that it was against FSA guidelines. I could be wrong, but I got a letter addressed like that from the Scottish Bureau of Investigation (well, I suppose they think their made up name will frighten a lot of people) looking for my ex. I had a scout around on the internet and I'm sure I read somewhere that they couldn't send it to 'the occupier'. As I haven't got a clue where he is I just threw it in the bin and haven't heard from them since. Now, if anything arrives, I just mark the envelope as 'gone away' and pos
  8. Hi, was just wondering if anyone can give me some advice about Charging Orders. There are 3 attached to my property - all of them are my ex's. If my property is repossessed and there is nothing left to pay anyone back (we might just clear the mortgage if we're lucky but even that looks doubtful), what happens to repaying the orders? Anyone have any ideas?
  9. Hi Rainymaggot. The bailiffs cannot take the car if it is not yours and the debt is in your name. If you have proof that the car is not yours then when you show it to them then they must take heed. If they remove it when they know that it belongs to someone else then they are in the wrong and you could probably do them for theft. Magistrates courts bailiffs are bully boys and as they stand to profit from your misery they will do anything to get their money. (They are employed on behalf of the magistrates court but not actually by them. County Court bailiffs are actually employed by the
  10. I haven't used the account for at least 3 years, probably more, but I don't know about my ex. Either way though, it isn't statute barred. I have thought about reducing the amount by claiming back the charges. Do you think that it might be worth sending them a full and final letter, pointing out that I am not in the situation to pay the whole lot, but that if they take off the interest charges they added then I will be offering them approximately 50% of the debt?
  11. Hi, hope someone might have some advice to help me. I am being chased by an inhouse debt collector on an overdraft on an old joint account I had with my ex. They can't find him so they are chasing me. I started by saying that I didn't acknowledge the debt, had never heard anything about it before and had never been contacted about it in any way. They sent back copies of statements showing the amount of the overdraft and how it had gone up - basically because the account had been forgotten about and they just kept adding interest. I wrote back saying that I wanted some sort of proof
  12. Very useful advice, especially about meeting with the landlord if possible to show that I'm not Waynetta Slob . I read somewhere that it is probably a good idea to treat it a bit like a job interview and make sure that you turn up nicely dressed and organised. It is good to hear that your friend found a landlord who didn't mind cats - does she have his phone number lol. I was lucky enough last year to get a part time job which I love, with such supportive colleagues that at times it has been the only thing that has kept me going. Some days I cope well, others I feel suicidal and just s
  13. Thank you everyone for your advice/suggestions. I have tried most things so am aware of what is or isn't available. Yes Jansus, the mortgage rescue scheme has helped about 6 people! Infact, the more I look at it, the more I wonder if it has even helped that many ) Unfortunately I fall into the 96 zillion people it can do nothing for. Something strange has raised its head though and wonder if anyone has any ideas about it... when I went to court, my understanding after the hearing was that we had to make two months payments plus extra towards the arrears. Thereafter we had to mainta
  14. Many thanks to Tawnyowl for helping me to post a new thread. Sorry all, but I'm a bit on the computer illiterate side, so hope that this is the right place and thing to to for my problem. In a weeks time my mortgage company will be able to get a warrant to evict me from my house. To be quite honest I am fairly resigned to the fact and due to a lot of things that have happened it isn't necessarily going to be the worst thing when it comes to ridding yourself of a fairly useless and controlling ex! There really is little to nothing I can do to prevent the eviction so in a vain attempt to
  15. You should be able to find his address by going to the payment summary. You do this by going to My Ebay, then to items sold. Click on the little blue arrow in the box on the far right which brings up a drop down menu. Click on View Order Details and it will give you the details of your buyer, including their address. Paypal claim that they have checked and verified that the address given is correct, so if your conman has somehow managed to circumnavigate their system then they need to know about it. He could, however, just be a complete thick-head who thinks that you won't or can't find h
  16. Have been thinking about this one during the day. Andydd is right, you should report it to the police who will be able to give you a crime number. You can then give this number to Paypal as proof that you are serious. Also, I wonder if Trading Standards would be interested - bit of a long shot but worth a try. Another thing you could do is go to your local newspaper who might be interested in doing a story about it. It might not get you your money back, but it could help prevent someone else from getting scammed. I suppose you need to see what happens with your case, but it's just a few
  17. I do quite a bit of buying/selling on eBay and have found that everything now seems to be loaded in favour of the buyer. I too had a dispute with Paypal who seem to just refund the buyer whether you have followed their sellers rules or not. I had posted goods by recorded delivery yet the buyer complained that after just 5 days they had not been received even though the post office don't consider things missing until at least 15 days. Paypal just gave her all her money back, including the postage, despite my proof that the goods had infact been posted. I later found out though sheer chance t
  18. Hi uneverdid. Well if my details had been sent out in error then I think I would want to know about it. And think about it - if jayleblake has received their details then where did jayleblake's info go? Probably to someone else. Looks like it could be a bigger problem for Capstone than originally anticipated!
  19. Just looking around at the posts on here as I have a delayed repossession order on my home and have found your post. Whatever you do, DO NOT shred the documents. That is exactly what they want you to do so that you then have no proof of what they have done. Just a thought, but have you thought about contacting the person whose details they have sent you? After all, I can't imagine they will be too happy...
  20. Hi Claire25. Have just come across your post and thought you might like to hear from someone who has been through the same as you. I had the misfortune to encounter a Magistrates Court Bailiff because of non- payment of council tax and you do need to keep your wits about you. Do not let them into your home under any circumstance - be wary because they will probably try some underhand tactic. In my case, the bailiff said that he would come in to do some paperwork and then he actually put his foot on the doorstep. I told him that no one comes into my home without my permission and he stepped
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