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  1. I originally sought the help of CAG back in July 2009 when I became unable to pay a Virgin credit card (MBNA), a claim now listed at getting on for £20,000. My card "agreement" was begun in early 2005, and as part of my dispute I requested all paperwork from MBNA. I disputed the contract with MBNA, and according to the N1 I defaulted mid-2009, and the debt was subsequently "assigned" to Varde Investments (Ireland) Ltd a month later. In early 2012 the debt was assigned to Aktiv Kapital Portfolio AS, Oslo, Zug Branch. I believe I followed advice by not agreeing to any "deals"
  2. I'm in almost exactly the same position as Tek Screw. My early issues were posted when I had issues with MBNA, and now Ativ Kapital have started CCJ proceedings. Not wanting to hijack this thread how shall I go about posting my current situation, please?
  3. Please could I have some advice... I wrote (recorded delivery) to MBNA on 27/8 stating: You have failed to respond to my legal request to supply me a true copy of the original Consumer Credit Agreement for the above account. The document that you are obliged to send me is a true copy of the executed agreement that contained all of the prescribed terms, all other required terms and statutory notices and was signed by both your company and myself as defined in section 61(1) of CCA 74 and subsequent Statutory Instruments. If the executed agreement contained any reference to any o
  4. Sorry about the stamps, I've wrestled with photobucket, and here are the 2 links: http://i649.photobucket.com/albums/uu220/MrSpoonMrSpoon/MrSpoon-CCAresponse1.jpg http://i649.photobucket.com/albums/uu220/MrSpoonMrSpoon/MrSpoon-CCAresponse2.jpg
  5. As I said earlier, the reponse to my CCA request was, eventually (first post details misdirected letter story), Have MBNA complied with s78? Do I now need to request a true copy of the full original form to allow Caggers to comment effectively? Also, the relevant account looks likely to be in default imminently. Should I worry? Is there anything I should do before that happens?
  6. Thanks for the swift responses - nice to know I've been read. Will get scanning later DX and pompeyfaith, kind was in quotes. I have read enough posts to know MBNA are only in it for themselves. (that is my first ever smilie!)
  7. Here goes... I've been trying to find similar cases to my own, but have ended up confusing myself with masses of helpful advice - somebody please help. I have a Virgin MBNA card with a total debt of around £17K. I have stopped paying anything to them after the interest rate went through the roof, and I have been unable. I sent a CCA (with a postal order) on 10th May and when they phoned on 21st May I thought it was about that. It wasn't, just general hassle, so I copied the MBNA operative my letter (email) and waited. I waited until 8th July, at which point I
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