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  1. nothing has changed with this as i still have no idea what i am meant to do. fell behind with payments, up to date at mo but will be behind again next week. fall in income has made things hard for me and many others. constantly few weeks/ month behind starting to worry what they might do, had default letter few months ago. is it arnold clark i should be talking to, or just go to trading standards. thx
  2. i am over the 50% mark only 11 months left circumstances mean just can not afford payments. first mot due in a week and i just can not afford extra costs.
  3. i wrote to the finance company (Santander) in january using the debtline template, which they got before next payment was due. they then sent own form to be filled in which i had to complete and send back with registration document, i have done this. it has now been a few weeks and i have not heard from them. can they leave vehicle as long as the want? do i need to keep making payments? i am in arrears for 1 payment at the moment this became due after letter was sent do i need to pay this and can they place default on account and refuse vt now? any help appreciated thx
  4. previous car was with them. had direct debit mandate, and bits on rights etc but no finance figures
  5. Advice pls. i bought i car in january from arnold clark, filled in used vehicle order form and payed deposit signed by me and seller. form included finance details, part exchange etc at the bottom it says payment method, personal loan 59 payments of £228.36, final £427.36. this was on the 10/01/2009 collected car on the 16/1/09, insured from this date. phoned a few days later was asked to sign again as finance company did not recognise signature, was same company so thought possible went in and signed form. form did not have any figures on it. noticed a higher amount being taken from bank £241.04 contacted rci they sent out copy of agreement, 1st page has figures i never saw or signed this page, 2nd page has info on rights and direct debit section with my details this is only page saleperson showed me or got me to sign, says finance began 21/01/09and is hire purchase, so they must have let me drive for 5 days out of kindness. today is 1st time i have seen this agreement. only £13 more per month but adds up over 5 yrs and would not have bought car at this price would have kept old 1 was only just out of warranty. what if anything can i do? in scotland if that makes difference. thanks
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