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  1. Worried about Sparkie and what may be happening. If any one knows some thing would they PM me ?
  2. I have been following this forum, as you all know I are a victim of swifts actions that resulted in high charges and even higher interest rates been charged. My health dose not allow me to get involved with this crusade, however I are with you on this and are supporting you in the back ground. The postings of late have been positive and interesting reading and gets us further to getting justice. Regards to you all Swift Eater.
  3. Indeed Doc I have been ripped of and had to pay a heafty price. Lets focus on what the latest is from NI . Also we must support Sparkie along the way. Borrowed 49,000 repaid 87,000 back over 5yrs.
  4. What Sparkie is saying is correct. The best way of slamming Swift is by using the unfair relationship. My thoughts are with you Sparkie mate, you and others have been well and truely stuffed by this organisation.
  5. Thinking of you tomorrow Sparkie. Good luck hope this goes your way, as you deseve it. Swifteater
  6. Fingers crossed for our NI friends today. Sparkie hope all goes well for you too mate. This company must be stopped from opperating in the way they do, for me there actions has caused tremendouse carnage. Good luck, I will be popping in and out to see what develops.
  7. Yes count me in, how many would we need ? But what is the draw down should things not go our way ?
  8. Indeed I know what you are saying Sparkie, and I have much respect for you and what work you are doing here. The fact remains that the leagal costs of persuing this could out wiegh the potencial return of the claim ? Borrowed 49 K toatal repaid was nearly double in a five year pieriod.
  9. Good Morning Sparkie, May I make an obseration to you last post ? Another thing that everyone of Swifts customers can challenge under Section 140 the Unfair Relationship From personell expieance this has all ready been exploured by recomended solisitors of this site. The result was I was advised that the costs/charges would out wiegh what the potencial claim would be worth. Are you sugessting doing this a different way ? P.S. If there is a way to do this with out obsorbing high costs ( have repaid the loan now ) please PM me. I wold be more than happy to by you a drink/meal or so
  10. 3rd December ? What court ? I would love to be there to offer support.
  11. Sparkie mate, From where i are sitting this is becoming very heated indeed, so much that following this is becoming complecated. If every you require a whitness to take the stand regarding the libbor rates or funding please PM me as i would be honnored to help with Cagers getting money back that they have over paid. I say this because the company has deliberatley kept intrest rates high so that its borrowers fall in to arrears. One this happends , default notice, and the other charges are added. It is clear that Swift currently obusses its position as a lender. The debt councilling
  12. Sparkie mate we are dealing with some very slippery fish at swift. Keep up the good work, nail them B*****s
  13. This Loan was taken out in 2004 so it was unregulated. I had Stephersons Solisitors look at it and they could not assist. I really do feel for the ones who are still trapped with a swift loan. I will do what ever i can to help and support others in the fight to get justice in the fight with this company
  14. Hi Doc2527, Borrowed 49k in 2004 repaid £39K over 5yrs the settlement figure was £47k repaid them in Aug this year. Worst thing I ever done in my life was to deal with this company.
  15. Hello everyone, It has been a time since I have posted, however I do check to see what is going on daily. As an ex swift custermer where we riecently paid back nearly double the amonut what we borrowed in a five year pieriod I are one of many who wants to put a stop to how this company operates. Sparkie has done some brilliant work and some answers to his last post follows. What is going on is called caracell pricing. One company sells to another company and charges a higher price for the product and then passes the added mark up on the the custermer. A lot of this goes on when clai
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