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  1. Thank you and thanks everybody who offered help and advice x
  2. Ahh ok I will try and scan in the letters later tonight
  3. thank you, I dont work Mondays so therefore dont have to include the 8 bank hoildays do I...apart from the ones that dont fall on a Monday I guess xx
  4. Hello I work 5 hours on a Tuesday, 5 on a Weds and 8 on a Thursday for 32 weeks of the year. Full time staff get the normal standard holiday time off which I think is 28 days including the 8 BH
  5. Hello could someone calculate mmy holiday entitlement please I am no good with numbers and it all seems so complicated I work 32 weeks a year (term time only) and work 18 hours a week (although sometimes I do more but my boss is fly and does not take that into consideration!) She says holiday pay is now done by hours and not days...I worked it out it was 16 days a year but could be wrong. Many thanks in advance
  6. Heya just had to fill in my tax credits renewal form. On it it asks for earnings for last year as they have me down as working 16 hours a week for 32 weeks ( i work term time only) I worked a few extra hours over the run up to Christmas as it was busy..never more than 20 a week and only a few times so my question is will I have to pay back anything extra that I earned or is there a certain amount you are allowed to earn before it affects you? Thanks x
  7. Hello I stupidly purchased a phone via someone selling on the internet. They gave me their address, account number,name and phone number and asked for the money to be transfered to their bank. This I did and now surprise surprise they havn't sent me the phone and are ignoring my emails and texts. Because I have all the information I intend on going to the police with it all tmorw, I have screen shots of the original for sale post and screen shots of our conversation. I cant go to their address as im in Kent and they are in Lincoln....will I be able to get the police involved as I have all their details? Im so annoyed at myself I struggled to save for the phone and put my trust into a total strangers hands...they are now still advertising the phone for sale on the same page as before.
  8. I dont understand if yo have to pay back money and they stop your tax credits how on earth do you pay them back?? with fresh air?? and do they take child tax credits into account or just working tax?
  9. stating that they dont think you are living alone you have Mr X living there. My story is friend who goes where the work is stays on site or in camper van, used my address so he had a base to collecct mail. Just explained it on the phone to a man (who was quite nice very understanding) and he has said if I cant prove Mr X wasn't here from 2010 to present day by providing a different address then I will lose my tax credits and pay back two years worth of money!! I thought they had to prove he was here and was supporting me financially but it seems not. Also obviously il lose tax credits which would mean losing my job as I only get work for 16 hours a week clearing £109. My bposs wont give me any hours and believe me if I could find another job I would cos I hate not working.I just dont understand how you are supposed to pay it back when you have nothing coming in,il have to become unemployed.Nothing has been in his name here apart from his car insurance... I also have two kids under 16 so child tax credits will probably go also?? :|
  10. Thank you SKJP I will be ringing them tmorw and will tell them the truth its all I can do right?....Mr X stays in digs,sometimes a hotel sometimes a B and B and sometimes on site...its groundwork so depends on how far from this address he is working and for how long. He does stay here some weekends but im not here im away in London staying at an address with that special person Friday through to Sunday night x
  11. yea I spose just a big worry I guess....one person taking on that lot seems kinds stressful will ring them and see what they have to say...
  12. to the working tax credits people that yes a friends post comes here because he works all over the UK and yes may pop his head in the door sometimes and stay a couple of nights and yes I have children but im gay?? I have had the letter that seems to be common at the moment saying they wish to know if Mr * lived with me as his name has come up and so on and we should claim as a couple.... But we are not a couple,nothing is in his name...no bills,rent book ...just I think his car insurance and thats it. I have to ring them and explain my situation but how on earth do you prove you are 100% NOT a couple?? I can see it being their way or no way as I cannot prove otherwise!
  13. Thank you so much Malc!!! No not been using any key apart from the one eon sent, have had meter people round but i always assume they there to read meter not fiddle with it. Il write down all settings and ask for copies if any statements. Thanks again il beback in touch xxc
  14. Heya this back billing does this also count on meters...mines faulty and apparantly e-on not recieved any money since aug 2009 and cos I dont keep top up receipts and have no proof of any payments...(who does) I have to pay back whatever amount is due back to 2009. x
  15. ok il check those out thanks.......although im asking if the meter is faulty will it actually tell me or e-on?? do you get what im saying...I cant prove ive paid and they cant prove I havnt if its a faulty meter.Im scared they gonna try and sting me for a huge bill x
  16. No i have one meter which they say is broken as they r not receiving payments through the key and now want to fit new meter and take outstanding amount whatever that is!!
  17. how do you mean?? the meter is faulty so anything I read wont match the actual meter in my house...it should but it wont cos its broken ...sorry to be so dumb x
  18. Heya had a letter from e-on this morning saying we must have a faulty key meter as they have no received payment from me for a while even though ive been topping up the key. Now if the meter is faulty how can they say ive not paid anything?? they want to replace it which is fair enough but im not being billed for a debt when ive paid for electric even though they seemed not to have received it!! Where do I stand please?
  19. Please do not direct me to anywhere that says A x B - C % D =....ive tried it and im to dumb to figure it out. I work 18 hours a week over three days...its term time only as its in a school. Ive been told I must have my holiday during school holidays (paid anyways) but I need to work out what im entitled to.None of us have contracts and the boss is VERY sly to say the least and I asked her today to tell me what im allowed...im awaiting her answer but would a heads up please. Ive worked for her for two years but each year she 'decides' what it should be...id like to know legally. Thanks in advance xx
  20. Heya my son has two appointments at a London hospital next week and each time its going to cost me around 40 quid to get us both there and back. I work 16 hours and get working tax/child tax credits...can I claim these expenses back as I remember if you are on income support you got back some/if not all. If so where do I claim thanks x
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