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  1. The insurance company had made a payment today. Not sure how long they will pay and what else I will need to do, but hopefully this will be sorted for a bit now.
  2. I have claimed for unemployment as I was made redundant.
  3. Hi, I took out a car finance agreement last year with Welcome Finance. I crashed the car the morning after the night before, I lost my licence, and also the insurance company didn't pay out. I was made redundant in february and haven't paid the finance company since then. I have claimed on the PPI which should be confirmed in the next week or so. What I wanted to know is if the PPI doesn't come through and there is no car to be to take back. What else will happen? I am pregnant and due in 11 weeks so no chance of another job till then. I've had loads of calls etc and dealt with that but I just wanted to know what to expect now. The repayments are 270 pound a month. I'm now only getting benefits, and things are tight. Any ideas? All advice welcome
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