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  1. I have been intouch with the agents over the last few days. The actually rent owed is about £830, so minus the £675 bond the difference will be circa £155. Im really not going to try to split hairs and try to challenge the Deed for the sake of that amount. Still ****ed off at paying someone elses debt. Just for the record it was me who coughed up the bond back in 2008.. Can I take her to small claims for £675 +£155??
  2. Was yor signature on the document witnessed? Yes Does it say anywhere on the document "deed"? Yes Did you read the tenancy agreement before signing? If not, why not? Yes but in no way makes reference to me. I am not named on the Agreement neither did I sign the agreement. Did your SiL sign any new tenancy agreements since this one? No Original agreement was from 03/10/08-02/05/09 What proof has landlord sent of SiLs debts? Just a letter stating 2 months (soon to be 3) rent owed
  3. Hi I am hoping you guys could offer some advise. About 2 years ago I signed as a guarantor for my Sister in Laws rent. To cut a long story short she has done a moonlight and I have got a letter saying she owes £950 and as I am the guarantor I am responsable as a tennant!! I dont and neverhave lived at the address in question. Anyway I originally signed a 6 month lease, but have not signed anything since. I cant find the original paper work but I am going to the estate agents later to get a copy. Should my name still be associated with with rent??
  4. Well I rang BF today to chase them up. And the refund is on the way :o) The Solicitor had not informed BF that my case was none criterea and they had sent the letter out based in the fact they thought It had not be finished with by the Solicitor.
  5. They are reviewing my case.. Hmmm i wont hold my breath
  6. I think I may have caught BF out. When I spoke with them yesterday they said because of the recent judgement my case could not be completed, as they dont know if it was or was not winable.. However I have a letter dated 3rd Dec 09 from the Solicitor stating that the card issuer had come up with further evidence and the Barristers have withdrawn the case. Not one mention of the recent Judgement at all, I think BF are using this as an excuse not to refund
  7. I have recieved the same letter myself today. I started the ball rolling with BF in Jan/Feb last year. I was told the process only takes a couple of months. Seems I had the worlds worse solicitor on the job and now because of their inadequacies I am ot of pocket with no re course. Making my p1ss boil, good mind to go down there and put every window though!! Top tip... Never use Brunell Franklin..
  8. I used BF, what a waste of time the solicitor was, I could never get hold of her and when she did ever write its was on really cheap paper printed out using a really cheap printer. Needless to say I was unsucessfull. The solicitors are called Net employment solicitors, not too sure why they used employment solicitors.
  9. Rang Preston County Court I told the lady my Situation. She was able to search using my Surname. And guess what??????..... I can feel the suspense building...... No CCJ's listed against me. Look like yesterdays phone call was a whole lot a Jackanory. What worries me is that these F*%^%g Parasites will manage to scare people in to paying who dont need to pay at all. If I wasnt at the other end of the Country to Global I would find the offices and wait outside with a big bat. God help him if he rings again
  10. I have a very Unique Surname so surely mine wouldnt be hard to find
  11. I'm not a tight sod but I'm not paying £8. Surely Preston County Court will be able to tell me FOC?
  12. How do I find out if there is?? remember according to GDR it was 9 years ago
  13. Cant wait till the Rat calls back now.. He will be getting both Barrels
  14. Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, I’ve just found this forum and am hoping for some advise. I have just had a call from a rather rude man from Global debt recovery. In a Nutshell back in 1995 when i was young and foolish I had a TSB credit card which to be fair I always looked after. Anyway due to again my foolish youthfulness I found myself a guest of Her Majesty. (Please don’t judge me on this, I’m now a married hardworking guy and that episode was a long time ago) TSB were informed of my predicament at the time. Once I had gotten past this bad time I had all but forgotten about TSB. Fast fo
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