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  1. I wish I'd seen the window quilt link before this last winter, they look a great solution for old draughty windows.
  2. I have a Next account, the limit has fluctuated between £3500 and £100, I've at most owed around £400 on it, always paid on time. I stopped having the directory delivered and just check my limit online before I make an order now.
  3. Thanks to you both for replying.I'm feeling very positive about my CAB appointment and loking forward to being able to finally break ties.I have taken photographs of smashed windows/holes punched in doors and walls etc but most of what worries me is very low level such as punching headboard when I'm lying in bed (no spare room) coming home in the early hours of the morning and turning bedroom television on loudly when I'm sleeping, setting alrams for early hours of morning then snoozing them, taking phone calls in bed at 5am etc. He has the capacity to make it extremely uncomfortable for me
  4. Thanks for your reply. I am doubtful that he would engage with mediation. I've twice attempted to talk to him about separating and both times has resulted in him getting angry and causing damage to the house. He's quite volatile so I am hoping to get all my facts together and have a plan in place before letting him know what is happening re the separation. I was hoping to tell him the day I file the divorce papers and hope that the gravity of that makes him take me seriously as we've been unhappy for so long I think he thinks it is normal and I won't ever stand up to him.
  5. Firstly my apologies if I am posting this in the wrong forum, I have looked around and can't identify a more appropriate place.I am looking to divorce my husband.Finance stats areHome - Purchased jointly, rough value £125K, outstanding mortgage £77KCredit card in my name - £2.5KCredit card in his name £4KJoint overdraft £500Joint loan £500 (will clear this before separation)He is self employed tradesman (sole trader, not VAT registered) and owes the inland revenue around £12K in outstanding taxes with arrangments being set up to pay in installments. Previously when I have talked about separat
  6. I thought the SAR would prove to a judge, if it came to court that I'd tried every avenue to get the information? I wasn't expecting to get the CCA from there based on what I've read on here. The idea of withholding payments scares me when for all I know they could have an enforcable CCA. However I feel very strongly that BC shouldn't be allowed to withhold this information from me. Is there any pattern to CCAs historically. I took this card out in 2004, does anyone have any knowledge whether the majority of them in 2004 were/weren't compliant?
  7. Slick thanks for taking the time to reply. I've spent 6+ hours ploughing through so far and there is a lot to take in. I've been reading the CPR strategy this afternoon (huuuge thread!) and it sounds a very viable option. Right now I'm wanting to send a follow up letter saying I'm not satisfied this meets the S78 requirements and giving them a further opportunity to produce this before sending a SAR. At this point and still no CCA I'd then be looking to go down the CPR route as I think that shows I've take reasonable steps to obtain the CCA. Does this sound like a half decen
  8. There is still over £3000 owed on the card. I haven't used the card for over 18 months, just been paying minimum payments. We had a bad patch two years ago where I was off on maternity and OH lost most of his income, we lived off credit for a year, got in a mess and have been climbing out of it since. I missed a fair few payments on the card but have since caught up. I guess I'm looking at any ways to reduce the amount of debt we have. I'm going to keep reading this forum as I've spent hours tonight and it's not much clearer so I'm hoping there will be a lightbulb moment and it
  9. Thanks Slick. I've just been reading other threads in this section but I can't make much sense of it. I need a super idiots guide! The account is not in dispute and I make the min pay every month. Should I be sending a letter back to them? If so which one? Sorry to ask so many questions but this stuff is very complicated!
  10. I sent a fee reclaim letter off to Barclaycard on 17th July using the MSE template letter and interest calculator and got a reply on 23rd to say they think their charges are 'tranparent and fair' but will be refunding the full £240 plus £30 interest which I'm over the moon with. I found this site a few days later and sent off a CCA request with the £1 postal order. I've received two replies. One is a letter stating "I write further to your letter requesting a copy of your executed agreement for the above account. The information we must provide to you under the terms of Se
  11. Thanks Cerber. I have sent fee reclaim letters to Barclaycard and Virgin this week and have just also sent the CCA requests with the £1 postal orders. So the wheels are in motion and I will await a response and start sending our letters to the others.
  12. That's really helpful, thank you cerberusalert. I am in the process of applying to all card providers for charge refunds, I will start applying for the CCAs too. So overwhelming and lots to take in!
  13. Thank you cerberusalert. I was looking at the template on here to request a CCA but was unsure of what to amend the first paragraph to for credit card agreements. I see the wording has to change to say s78 but does the number in brackets change? So alongside my reclaiming I can also request the CCAs and don't need to act within a set time span ?
  14. I have 2 outstanding loans (one HSBC one Northern Rock), a Barclaycard, a Virgin credit card, a HSBC credit card and a Capital One card. I have incurred fees on these in the past but am currently up to date with payments albeit making very slow progress at reducing the outstanding amounts. I calculated my fees on my Barclaycard last night from my old statements and sent off a request for a refund of £240 fees plus £31.27 interest on these fees today using the calculator and 1st letter template on MSE. Now I've just started reading about unenforceable CCAs and wondering where thi
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