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  1. Hi, Please may you advise me on what to do next? On Friday last week I received a huge batch of paper work from Egg included in which was a photocopied egg card agreement which was signed by myself back in 2003. I have to say that the document looks like it has been tampered with in some way, there is a black line though part of the document as though they have "doctored" the agreement in some way. Am I right in saying they need to produce the original signed agreement not a photocopy? Unfortunately I don't have a scanner to upload the agreement & was going to type out t
  2. Many thanks again Deb T, I will send an SAR today and see what they come back with. AB
  3. Just checked my credit file again it now states that Egg have defaulted me since Arpil this year - (previously 3 weeks ago said 'account settled' in September 2009). How can they get away with this as they have never produced a signed copy of an agreement or sent me any defaults in the post. I have looked in more detail at the letter they sent me last week thanking me for notifying them about my credit file and within the stack of statements they have issued defaults, although I have to point out they have not notified me previously of any defaults or produced any CCA. Very annoyed & just
  4. Thanks everyone for your responses it's much appreciated. Yes I did originally send the CCA & £1 request etc but heard nothing for months. I hope it is the case that F's have used Egg letterhead as it does seem a little odd that Egg are asking me to contact Fredricksons to arrange payment? Going to try the account in dispute letter again and see what response I get from them. I can't tell you all how greatful I am for your support. Will keep you informed. Thanks a million. AB
  5. Sorry to bother you again, I have been looking for the letter in the templates section to send to Freds as you suggested the bemused/passed on letter but can't see it anywhere - maybe I'm having a real dumb but i've spent yours looking so just wanted to clarify I'm looking in the right place? Library, debt letters?
  6. Hi, may thanks for replying - yes I'm confused by this too! It's very bizarre how all of a sudden after a year they are chasing me. Going to check my credit file again to see if they have defaulted as they promsied in their letter. AB
  7. Many thanks for responding so quickly. I have never received any letters/defaults from Egg other then the one which they sent to me 3 months after my cca request advising me they were looking in to my complaint! AB
  8. Apologies is I have posted in the wrong place, I have spent over 15 hours reading through material on this site (which has been very useful) but I am very confused and don't know where to turn. Basically I had an egg card with £1200 outstanding, in July 2009 I sent cca request and having heard nothing for around 3 months apart from a letter saying they were 'looking in to my complaint' cnacelled my direct debit in July 09 and I have been checking my credit file regularly - there is a note from Egg on my file saying account settled september 2009. Thought nothing more of this as had no let
  9. Hi I'm new to site, just wondered how your getting along with F.D claim? Have they responded? I have a first direct loan from Feb 2007, need some advice on if it may be unenforcable? Confused bug time been reading threads for over a day now. Regards A
  10. andreab

    Egg successes.

    Hi, Wonder if any of you pro's can help me please? I'm new to this website. I have egg credit card from 2000 - found my agreement which I did sign & return to them. There are various companies advertising that I can get my debt wiped to nothing (Also have a loan with first direct dated Feb 2007) Not quite sure where to start, what to say or to send to them? Can anyone forward me the prelim letter so that I can try to sort something out? Thanks very much Andrea
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