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  1. Hi, I am owing a payday loan company it is now going to intrum justinia. Will they accept small monthly payments. The last time i spoke to intrum thy demanded full balance. I put the phone down. What can i do to get them to agree to affordable monthly payments? PLEASE HELP
  2. I cant contact the actual company no number or anything. The number i do ring puts me through to intrum justina and there having no of it
  3. Hi, I stupidly took out a loan with this company in desperation. I thought i could get the money back to repay only i havent. I recieved a letter today requesting the full amount, they have now added £212 charges on top of the £513 owed. I cant contact them to offer a repayment plan. I am worried this debt will be passed on to intrum justina (as stated in the letter), this company are known for being bullys. WHAT do i do???? Please help Thanks
  4. I have contacted the bank they say there nothing they can do as it is a card payment???
  5. Hi Has anyone got there phone number? They have taken £100 out of my account today, which has put me overdrawn and will occur bank charges. I need their number asap. I havent got time to write them a letter incase they take more out. Many Thanks
  6. no i wrote that i had been waiting 3 weeks and no reply, so i gave them 1 week to repay my fee otherwise i would take it to trading standards. They didnt reply so i sent another letter writting the similer message. i got £50 back because £5 was for admin fee. i wasnt complaining glad to get my £50 back. I have told trading standards anyway aparently they already got their eye on wentworth
  7. ralph marlon and wentworth are the same company. you need to sent a letter to wentworth on recorded delivery asking for you fee back. I said on mine id take it to solicitors and inform trading standard i got my money back. phoning is a waste of time you NEED to write letters
  8. yes cancel with wentworth they are a [problem].
  9. good good, ive been in touch with trading standards they told me they already got there eye on them. But if you contact them too the more people who complain the more likely they are to shut down. good luck. sorry to hear about yoour holiday going to cock.
  10. right u need to cancel it straight away, i was waiting 1month, write them a letter threatning to tell trading standards for unfair traiding pracitice. it take at least 2 letters but youl get your money back but onlt £50 as £5 is for admin charges. MAKE SURE YOU DO RECORDED DELIVERY AND KEEP COPIES. Dont wait no longer its a CON
  11. i cant belive im reading this, ive just a week ago paid my fee to wentworth. and now waiting on a phone call from ralph marlon ltd. They keep telling me ill hear from a lender within 7days ive alredy waited 7days. From what i see from all your comment does this mean i wont be getting a loan? please reply Thank you
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