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  1. SuperSleuth, Just thinking about this, if the Asset Manager appointed he Estate Agent then has my power of attorney 'chain' been broken as I should look at the Asset Management firm (who are a solicitors frm) as the primary responsibility?? Hemie
  2. Super SuperSleuth- Many thanks for that. I will do as you say and check the contract which is in my pile in an orderly fashion! I will contact a solicitor or two and do my own reseach as I've learned that in these affairs, you have to know enough to ask the right questions. This also means, therefore that the Asset Management firm, a solicitor, who admitted negligence but paid inadequate compensation (I think) could also be sued if the power of attorney applies. Many thanks again and I'll investigate and let you know how I get on. Hermie.
  3. My home was repossessed and the Lender paid compensation because they exchanged at a lower price than highest received during the currency of the Public Notices. It turns out that the agent that accepted the offer and published the Public Notices stopped taking enquiries after they accepted the successful offer which means that the last 20 days of the sale were 'sabotaged' by this action. Higher offers were being accepted by the second agent and this influenced the compehsation settlement but the settlement was lower than it should be (I argue). I am probably going to have trouble suing
  4. I am going through the same thought process. To gain compensation, I should and probably will, go through the Courts. However, after 20 months of enduring the FOS process and given their obvious bias, I really would like to get a Judge to run his ruler through my matter as they should not be allowed to get away with this. Find it surprising that an individual has not lodged a request for a JR yet but recognise that cost/risk is a serious factor. I'm still evaluating this as an option - not to get financial compensation but because they appear to be seriously flawed as a public
  5. Thanks for that. Yes, it is the way forward as long as complainants taking this course liaise so that results can be collated in some way. I am also looking for basic info from people who have contacted their MPs about FOS problems so that there are a number of reference cases available at some point. I'll keep you updated with any progress I make.
  6. Yes, the County Court route is going to be the way forward for me but it does rankle with me that the FOS is 'selling a pup' to the gulllible consumer and their arrogance for an organisation with a public duty is really unbelievable. This is the problem to some extent, as I do detect that my MP and possibly the Chairman of the Select Committee see unsubstantiated assertions as moans from someone who didn't get a decision in their favour. Going to the Courts, getting a judgement that contradicts their decision will be one way but what is not known is how many decisions have been wro
  7. Hello, I have been involved in a dispute with a Lender over a repossession which was so blatantly mishandled that any reasonable person would agree that the Lender was liable. Not so the FOS. The Adjudicator did not uphold my complaint nor has the Ombudsman. Both failed to consider key points and refused to tell me why they hae ignored these key points. They are simply biased in favour of the Lender. This is not the ranting of an irrational 'moaner' - I have full documentation of my complaint and independent observers have attested to the disgraceful behaviour of the lender.
  8. Thanks for that. I think that London Mortgage which was sold by SPML will still have a beligerent attitude. The argument I have with the FOS is that these institutions know that there are significant delays in the process so they can sit an wait and I do believe that the FOS puts any complex matters on the back burner as it screws their performance stats if they tackle these before the 'quick' win, straightforward, technical complaints. Unfortunately, the more complex matters usually involve higher figures of potential compensation and therefore more financial loss during the process to the
  9. Thanks for response. In your case the FOS have appeared to have responded to your predicament? I have lost faith in the FOS process as I think that due to lack of resources/skills they are automatically delaying processing complex cases (9 months beore adjudication) and not telling complainants of this and then introducing more delays when you complain. There are, I believe, many thousands of people waiting for adjudication with no real redress if the FOS delay or are incompetent. In my case, SPML/LMC, the lender, really screwed up sale following repossession and undersold the property an
  10. Is there anyone out there who is suffering long delays in getting FOS to review repossession disputes as I believe they have a standard delay of 9 months for such matters before it reaches an adjudicator. Would like some feedback on anyone suffering similar delays.
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