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  1. without going into too much detail, it was for PPi, but I discovered something was wrong with my agreement. Basically, I was sent my agreement, and someone had put a wrong date on there.
  2. ANNOUNCEMENT! I have, after 10 weeks, been compensated, and had my account cleared off I didnt do the SAR thing, I had my agreement tucked away, so I just got it out and did the maths myself, sent the standard letter saying you owe me money, give it back. Then sent a really harsh letter to them when they sent out a questionnaire. Then give them their 8 weeks to reply, no response, rung up and spoke to them, explaining the situation, and what would happen if they didnt comply, used some special phrases that I've learnt due to my job, and hey presto, letter making me a 'good will o
  3. Sorry I'll try again a bit calmer this time. I took out a loan with welcome about 4 years ago for 1000, then had a top up for 500 about 18 months later. My loan should have finished in April this year, but when I called them to make my last payment, they said I still owed them over a thousand pound because I'd missed payments, I only missed one or two if that. Then when I checked my credit agreement, it said that I'd opted for 3 or 4 different insurances, which I didnt agree too. But they'd posted me signed agreement, they didnt give me one when I left the office the day I got the l
  4. Hello! Basically, I should have paid my account off by now, spoke to welcome, they said I still had to pay another 1000 or so. I sent them the letter saying you missold me PPI, I want my money back plus the interest. They responded saying I didnt give enough info, and to fill out their questionaire, but I just sent them a HUGE letter giving them all the information they needed. They've acknowledged receiving the letter and said I''ll have a response by the 11th Sept. If they come back to me and say they're not gonna pay me or what have you, what do I do next? Can I then put the accoun
  5. Can someone please point me in the direction of, or give me a template for putting my account into dispute please? I have asked a few times before, but no help yet :o( Welcomes last day is friday, so I want the letter ready to send just in case they dont offer me the right outcome. I really do need the templates, so if someone could help me it would be great, thank you
  6. Can someone point me in the direction of the dispute letter and the letter referring Welscum to the FOS thank you please!
  7. ********************************************************** Hey guys! Can someone point me in the direction of the letter I need to send to the ombudsman and the letter I send to Welscum to put my account into dispute pleeeeeeease? They've still got time to reply, but I want the letters ready to go for when they dont give me the answers I want Thank you!
  8. I just read the letter I put together, and it is smoking! I might have to send it in an asbestos envelope, it'll definitely make some people concerned....does help I had some help from a friend of mine thats actually a qualified lawyer :o)
  9. Nope, just a top up to the original £1000 I'd borrowed
  10. Thanks for the help guys, I wrote a very strongly worded letter, bits taken from Dipply's version. Something that has just come to mind....in the form they've sent, it says what do I remember about any literature I was given etc. I didnt leave the branch with my loan agreement, it was sent to me after I left, with a covering letter. Also on my carbon copies of the agreement, you can make out that someone has wrote the date across the little tick boxes for the PPI etc, but the date is the day after my agreement was signed? Suggestions people? Is it normal for me to sign the agreement,
  11. No thats exactly what I thought. I was very careful when I filled out the form, I just told the truth....I was told I would have no loan unless I had the insurance, I didn't need health insurance etc, cos i get it with my job, and it was only after I realized I'd paid them about £5000 on £1000 loan with a £400 top up, I decided to complain. and it made matters worse when they told me I still owed them £1200
  12. It says its the 8 working weeks they have to respond under some law. I dont have the letter with me. but it gives reference numbers as to Acts etc. I've wrote EVERYTHING on the crappy form that was attached, I've answered the questions, but I've also wrote CC:FOS in the top corner, my agreement number and other details in the other corner, in case they try to be cocky. Has anyone else received one of these 'you didnt give us enough info' letters?
  13. Sent my letter off a few weeks ago now, the one saying, I know you've conned me into buying insurances I didnt want, yadda yadda yadda. I've had a letter back saying they acknowledge my complaint, but are unable to act yet as I didnt supply enough information (although I give them my agreement number, PPI policy number, date of agreement etc), and they've attached a sheet asking me to give them more info....'Where was I when I took out the PPI', 'What do I remember about the time that I took out the PPI', 'What was my employment status at the time', 'Why have I decided to complain now' etc et
  14. Just spent about 35 minutes getting passed from local branch, to customer service center(?), to another place, spoke to some woman who didnt have a clue, then spoke to the office where my complaint letter had ended up, they had no record of it, although the branch give me the dates they forwarded it etc. Just spoken to the guy in our local branch, and he's gonna fax a copy to the bloke I spoke to up north somewhere. Felt slightly guilty having a go at the people in the local branch cos they've always been okish, then thought of the grief this situation has caused me over the years!
  15. oh and did I mention that the cheeky beggars told me in april that my agreement had ended, but i owed them 1000 worth of charges......... and that if I didnt pay my monthly amount that would imply an attachment of earnings?
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