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  1. We have had a final invoice from our landlord which, surprise, surprise, comes to a figure just short of our initial deposit amount. It includes a figure of £185 for a cleaning company. As previously stated, my mother and wife cleaned the house as we left. We had all carpets professionally cleaned and we washed and ironed all curtains. The laminate floring was hoovered and washed. All kitchen cupboards were also cleaned. How they have arrived at this figure, I will never know. My question is, who decides whether a house is adequately cleaned or not? Surely, it's not just the la
  2. Thanks a lot for your help. One final, quick question for now. As I have stated previously, the landlord is wealthy and well-to-do. It is likely that he has or knows a solicitor. If this does go to court, could he have a solicitor attend with him? Thanks
  3. We are liable for the state of the oven, there's no getting away from that and I'm happy to pay a sensible figure for this oversight - say £50, but not so happy about paying £100! I will make the calls to oven cleaners today. Many thanks
  4. Hi TFT I sent the letter yesterday, recorded delivery. I am now awaiting the screaming phone call on my mobile. I have taken legal advice from three different people now (all involved in the profession in one way or another) and all say that the lack of an inventory is key. My only concern is that the tenant in the house prior to ourselves still lives in the village and is a good friend of the landlord. He may be willing, if the landlord asks him, to sign something that says when he left the property it was in an immaculate condition. If this were to happen, do you think the ju
  5. No, we haven't signed any check-out inventory - we have just been given a list of 'snags'.
  6. I agree with Sali that this is the kind of service we expected. Maybe I will have to stand the loss on the oven as it was something we forgot to do (although £100 to clean an oven still sounds bloomin' outrageous to me!). Where do we stand with regards to damage done to our property whilst in his house? As I stated earlier, we notified him of a leak in the conservatory repeatedly until one day, during a particularly bad downpour, the seal broke overnight and when we woke up the table we soaking wet. We have tried many things to make it look good again but it still has 'tide marks' all ove
  7. Where do we stand with regards to not being given the opportunity to rectify any problems? For example, the oven. Our tenancy finished on Monday, he met me at the property Tuesday to run through the snag list but had already booked someone to clean the oven without giving us the opportunity to rectify this. To a certain extent, the same goes for the garden. However, when we moved it the veggie plots had weeds on it and one was actually covered in glass where the previous tenant had taken his greenhouse with him and smashed a couple of panes. We believe we are leaving it in a better
  8. The deposit was £1250 and, judging by his comments, we will be lucky to see £400 back from this. It's not just the nit-picking, it's the costs involved - they are extremely wealthy and we are not. They happily spend a few hundred pouns to have their garden tended every few weeks so have employed the same people to re-do ours. I reckon the work he 'claims' needs to be done would take a mximum of 3 to 4 hours - and they are charging him / us £200!!! His wife even said that they need to get someone in to re-clean, despite my mother and wife spending almost all of the last day doing this
  9. Hi there That is correct - no inventory was done at check in. Our landlords lived next door (but some 50 yards away) and he kept saying he would nip round and do one but never did. His check out inventory, however, was ridiculously long, highlighting such hangable offences as a cobweb on a lightshade, leaves not brushed off the patio and the bath plug no longer being attached to its chain. Hope you can help!
  10. Hi all I hope someone can help us with our problem - this may be a long post and I apologise if it is! We moved into a property in Sept 2006 and moved out earlier this week. At no time did the landlord do an inventory. Last night I went round the property with him to discuss a 'snag list' - or 'War and Peace' as I perfer to call it. It appears our landlord has selective memory loss. He wants us to pay the following: 1. Damage in the kitchen (cupboards and radiators) caused by the previous tenant's dog is being blamed on ours and he wants all cupboards re-painted and radiato
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