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  1. will do. oh, and they have been calling this morning again, from a mobile.
  2. well if that is from your cca then you shouldnt have originally had ppi etc.
  3. we havnt sent an sar yet but will do. i think im going to keep the account in dispute for now as they havnt sent the cca by recorded mail and as such they have no proof that i received the hand delivered copy(playing them at there own game as they seem to be denying recipt of payment that i sent for cca request. maybe thats a bit petty but it might buy us some time to get our ppi claim etc and finances in order.
  4. we took the loan out in late 2008. and we are planning on sending claim for miss-sold ppi and insurances and we were told we needed to have them to get the loan even though i said i didnt want ppi etc, and we both work for agencies.
  5. i have blanked out the personal/cca identifying info incase wf etc are checking this site. but there is no date on the cca.
  6. no. we cant find an original copy, and are not sure that we received one at the time of getting the loan. what do you think about the cca?
  7. but are we meant to pay now that they have hand delivered our cca? ok, i will post a scan of our cca around 09:00 today as i am at work at the moment and our cca is at home.
  8. wf had not complied with our cca request so when they phoned on the usual payment day i told them that the account is now in dispute. then the woman apparently told her branch manager and he phoned a few times(some or all of these calls from the wf woman and wf man saying that he was the branch manager were apparently from a mobile) during which he offered/asked, if he sent someone today to hand deliver the cca then would i make a payment. to which i replied something like that as wf had not complied with our cca request i had used our wages etc to pay other debts etc this month, but that
  9. hi. does anyone know what i should do from here? i put in a claim for bank charges refund under the financial hardship rules with the halifax. they agreed that im in financial hardship and said that they still want to wait until after the test case, but that they would refer me to their money management team, which they did. i spoke to money management on the phone and said that how can they help when i dont have any money to shuffle around as im trying to pay priority debts and cant always pay them. i then complained to the fos who asked the halifax for a final response. i phon
  10. ok. thanks i will prepare the telephone harassment letter and sar letter. but as they are effectively saying that i have not paid the £1.00, can i still count the 14 days and then hold the payments etc?
  11. our loan is for around £10,000, then the ppi etc on top is around £3,000, and the arrears are around £900 according to wf. so if they cant produce a cca then does that mean that the loan is unenforceable or do we still need to pay the loan as we have acknowledged the debt by paying monthly payments etc?
  12. yeah, i suspected that they might add arrears to a disputed account anyway. but legally while our account is in dispute, they cant try to repossess our house etc?!
  13. so when its gone past 14 days(working days?) since they received my cca request can i put the account in dispute and withhold payments without them adding arrears etc?
  14. have received a letter from wf today saying something like, thanks for your sar(i sent cca request), telling me how much to pay for a cca or sar, and that they cannot proceed with the request until they receive a payment(i sent a postal order for £1.00 with the cca request). what are they doing? are they going to deny receiving the postal order?
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