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  1. Fair enough. Thanks a lot for your help Edit:These charges, would they affect my credit rating in the future? As they charged me in the past and I paid it without knowing about this stuff.
  2. It's basically ebay. I sold a few times and the account charges for listing etc. Was due to be paid but I didn't have the money in my account. Its taken like so many days for this email to come. So they still shouldn't charge me? They haven't yet. Hopefully I can get it paid off very soon. Another thing when you get charged does it show on the internet banking thing? Not had any letters yet.
  3. Nice post. Haha, yeah you do have to be over 18 to have a PayPal account. But I think nearly everyone my age or below bypasses that? Would that affect me?
  4. Hello, Basically my question is. When Natwest charges me (which they will most likely do, I'm not sure when they do?) Are they allowed? Im on a Natwest Adapt account and Im aged 16. Are they allowed to charge me? They have charged me before and silly me paid them. But after a few google searches it seems its actually illegal for them to do so? Could someone help me out. I think they will charge me again soon. Thanks to anyone who replies.
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