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  1. Sorry about the layout having probs with the paragraphing for some reason this morning. bunaki
  2. Thanks citizenB, It clearly says at the bottom of the Notice of allocation I received from the courts that, The documents and/or statements must include but should not be limited to full details of, A, original contract with Littlewoods, B, Notice of assignment of subsequent agreement The parties must file and serve the statements of the evidence they intend to rely on at least 14 days prior to the hearing, The original documents shall be brought to the hearing. So are they allowed to supply their own reproduced copy of the notice of assignment or should they have the original and what hap
  3. Thanks citizenB and thanks havinastella for taking the time to read the whole thread. I’ve rang Littlewoods and asked where the missing information is and the usual response is ” This complaint needs to be elevated to management so I’ll e-mail the relevant department and someone will ring you back today” when no one calls me I ring again and get basically the same reply but with the promise that this time someone will contact me. (I’m still waiting!!!) I spoke to the guy from the ICO handling my case and he advised me to ring them to see where the info was, as because of the pending court ca
  4. Hi citizen, just noticed on the bottom of the order about filing documents it says “The original documents shall be brought to the hearing” so I hope this is the case, but there are also the errors on the agreement so hopefully it won’t be an issue. As they have already filed their documents/statement and there are no statements of account showing how the claim value is made up. Are they allowed to file more paper work or can they just do it on the day? Thanks bunaki
  5. Thanks citizenB, The more I think the more questions I have, neither Wescots or Littlewoods have supplied any information ie like statements or documents to show how they arrived at the amount that they are claiming for. I found some origional statements which show that in 2003 around the time of the claim the balance was about 50% of what they are claiming so the total must be made up from charges etc, would they now have to show how the amount was reached? I didn't check my credit records, and just to clarify do they have to produce the origional credit agrrement in court and not a copy
  6. Hi citizenB, so am I correct in thinking that they don’t have to supply a default notice at court. As I thought that I read somewhere that if an account was defaulted incorrectly that the creditor could not take it to court. They didn't supply a screen shot of the issue of the default notice As I beleive the account was settled in 2003 by a ppi claim and which is still being investigated by Littlewoods I don't beleive a default notice was ever issued.
  7. Hi I Have received Wescot's witness statement and would appreciate some advice. They have included a reproduced copy of the notice of assignment and a screen print to confirm it was issued. Is this acceptable? They have included what they say to be is a copy of the original signed credit agreement, but there is information on the agreement which is incorrect. They have not supplied a default notice and neither has Littlewoods and according to Littlewoods covering letter supplied with my SAR response they had supplied me with all the information they hold. Are they obliged to have the o
  8. Morning everyone,I have to file my evidence in court by the 17/01/2013 and would appreciate some advice on how it should be presented and wheather I have to include a statement or just the documents I will refer to. Thanks in advance bunaki
  9. Thanks citizenB but the problem I have is that I have a court date for the 31/01/2013 and have to get evidence in by the 17/01/2013 all I have so far are a few letters form Littlewoods saying that my complaint was not upheld and a dodgy credit agreement from Wescot which I know to be incorrect.. Littlewoods are now admitting that a claim was made in 2003 and that medical notes were received I even have the name of the person who made the entry on the system so the investigation is still ongoing and I have recordings of all telephone conversations, the problem is that although I requested w
  10. Morning everyone, a quick update. I sent Littlewoods the reminder letter and got no response so I rang them and they said they had a backlog and that they had notified the relevant bodies and that I would get the information when it was available,so I reported them to the ICO and today I received my SAR response which consisted of two pages 0f abbreviation keys a few screenshots of partial notes dating from Agust 2012 too November 2012 with screenshots of statements form 2006 until 2008 which leaves me cofused as they sold the acoount to Wescot in 2007. Am I correct in thinking that there sh
  11. Thanks unclebulgaria67 Just printed letter, post it later and see what comes back. bunaki
  12. Morning all, I have a quick question, I sent Littlewoods an SAR request on the 23/10/2012 which was received by them on the 24/10/2012 I then received a confirmation letter from them dated the 09/11/2012 saying that they were in receipt of my request and the £10.00 statutory payment and that they were currently collating all the information and would contact me again shortly, as yet I haven't received anything and need to know what my next step should be as I calculated that their 40 days were up about the 2nd 0f December but wasn't sure if I had to include any time for posting in the 40 days
  13. Thanks Andy, I'll see what Littlewoods send me and I'll chase Aviva up, but in relation to my claim LIttlewoods have come up with nothing more than a claim ref number which they said was refused as not enough information was supplied at the time but couldn't tell me what info was supplied, that's the full extent of their investigation. When I give the reference number and account number to Littlewoods internal insurance section and to Sterling insurance who handled their claims at the time they say there is nothing on the system for the account, so I approached Aviva who Littlewoods told
  14. Sorry, just had a thought, the order says (Each party shall deliver to every other party and to the court office copies of all documents including any experts reports, on which he intends to rely at the hearing no later than 14 days before the hearing.) At the moment I don't have any documentation, I've sent an SAR request to Littlewoods for all the info they have but from what I've read they are never to quick to respond,also their internal investigation was a shambles.I've approached Aviva insurance directly and are currently awaiting a response from them so is it a problem if I ha
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