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  1. thank you everyone that helped me with this, I am attempting to resolve this matter out of court. Will say more when its finalised. F
  2. Hello Allocation Questionnaire has arrived, transferred to my local court. going to give it a go but may need to ask some questions The claim is for around 13K, which track should I tick? Fast, Multi or Small Claims? Thank you for looking in! F
  3. She now tells me she's sorted it out!!! Thanks for looking in anyway!
  4. ok I can see how it reads... another go... got an overdraft with lloyds bank (around 19% APR) barclaycard CC zero balance, Natwest CC zero balance Natwest offer 0% credit for 8 months but wont allow you to transfer it to a current account so they suggest to transfer it to Barclaycard and then from Barclaycard to Lloyds to clear overdraft. Now Barclaycard have the money and wont transfer it anywhere or send us a cheque!! Thank you for looking in anyway, sorry it was a bit of a strange one!!
  5. Hi OH is trying to sort her debts out (like me) and thought of taking advantage of 0% offer that Natwest offered in order to clear her overdraft on a bank account which is costing a lot of money - this will give her 8 months or so to get the debt cleared and will mean no interest in the meantime... Natwest said that if it is to be transferred to a bank account this will cost so the 'very helpful' telephonist suggested why not transfer the money to an emptied CC and then transfer it from there to your bank. Hey great idea we could use Barclaycard account for this as it currently
  6. I have read today that within the job cuts that Lloyds have made, 60 jobs are to go at City Park, Hove... This is Consumer Debt Recovery or BLS or SCM. Its never good to read that people have lost their jobs but I wonder what they think of Lloyds Bank now! Probably similar to what I and a lot of CAGers think of them!
  7. If it goes to court and if they win the judge will only order you to pay what you can afford each month. The only way lloyds can get a charging order is if you fail to pay what you have been ordered to pay each month (what you can afford). Are they still charging interest now ? Cymruambyth and myself both have threads where the CCA is not legible - you might like to take a look at those Also you should take personal details out and get the CCA posted All the best
  8. Thanks, despite having read so many threads and good advice here, I will still be asking a lot of questions I think!
  9. Ok well I think I might leave it then as I have given them plenty of opportunities and requests to supply this information anyway - fight them in court it will be! Thanks for your comments!
  10. Ok well I've put in an embarrassed defence as the claimant has not provided any documentation despite my request under CPR. My defence was confirmed by the court I am going to send the following letter to them in response to them informing me that they are going for SJ. dear sir/madam.... I acknowledge your last letter dated 30th October which I received 6th November. In this letter you say that you are awaiting receipt of copy statements from your client. In another paragraph of your letter you say that you will be applying for Summary Judgement in this case. You are clearly ac
  11. Thank you BB, am I right in thinking that the court will inform me of SCM's application of SJ and that there will be a hearing date for this? F
  12. This thread is aimed at people who maybe in a similar position with Cap One and friends Back in late 2008, I sent a CCA request to Capital One to which they eventually replied with a document not containing my signature. They covered this by informing me that they do not have to provide me with this as long as they have sent me the agreement itself ! As I have sent quite a few of these CCA requests out, in my opinion, if they've got a signature attached to an agreement, they are going to send you it. I was also concerned about the APR on the agreement they sent me - I seemed t
  13. Post 222 Says 'Original Documents must be provided on the day' I like that bit !!
  14. got a letter today from SCM - it says 'we are still awaiting receipt of copy statements' It also says that they will be applying for summary judgement if this cannot be settled by me agreeing to pay the full balance or negotiate an offer. So - no default notice or termination letter, an illegible document they claim is an agreement, a single page of a statement which is clearly wrong and is different to one that I happened to find in my house of the same date (neither show any actual transactions), a letter which quotes a different account number and balance and says that 'copy sta
  15. True copy means a copy of the original... surely ? They would not send you the original, this would be very stupid of them! Are they telling you that they may not have the original? Could be interesting if it goes to court... makes it harder for them:)
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