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  1. How do I do that and can they not claim the lot back anyway? Or keep charging me?
  2. Hi me again!!! (Sick of me yet?!!! lol) Ok they STILL haven't received the letter, I've been doing a bit of research on the other threads and found that Companies house states MCS has no employees in the UK. Maybe there's actually nobody at that 'office' to receive the letter? Or perhaps they only like envelopes with money in them! Anyway I want them off my backs, I'm borrowing the money from a friend to pay the debt back, but I can only pay a small amount now (the rest at the end of the month) so ... do I write with a cheque for this initial small lump sum and then send them the rest a
  3. Hi there, I've just been listening with interest at the phone calls to MCS. I've had some good advise from another member on another thread but I thought I'd ask the guys on here as well. HSBC are chasing me for £2000 worth of CC debt which I already told them I couldn't afford to pay, but so much for that they demanded it back anyway. So I'm getting threatening letters from MCS. The other member told me to send a letter with a postal order requesting some info (I didn't quite understand it) they hadn't got the letter up to yesterday. I am going to pay the amount but can't afford to pa
  4. It turns out it hasn't been delivered yet even though it was 2 weeks ago! I might send another. Do you think I should? How long does it take before someone is banging on my door trying to take my mums stuff?!
  5. I doubt it. I sent that letter the day after I received the first one and this one is dated tuesday. What's more the PO don't seem to be able to track my letter that I sent recorded. I can't have the bailiffs coming, my mum is a pensioner we have very little as it is. "A warrant of Execution" why does it feel like they are about to execute me? It would probably be easier if they did!
  6. hi cerberusalert me again, sent the letter over a week ago and they've completely ignored it. Got another letter this morning threatening bailiffs. Can they do this if I don't own a home? I live with my mum. It's really scarin me now.
  7. Me again cerberusalert! Being a bit Blonde! I've just come to write this letter, who am I sending it to? HSBC or MCS? If it's HSBC who should I send it to? (Eg. payments?) Will they deal with me since they told me it all had to go through MCS from now on? Sorry to keep bugging you! Needless to say I've never been in this position before and you seem to know what you're talking about!
  8. HAHA! Thanks again! You made me laugh this time! I wont phone them promise!
  9. Hi cerberusalert sorry to keep on at you but I've just read this letter from MCS again and it says if I don't pay up within 7 days they may start legal proceedings...if I send them the above how do I know they'll get it/deal with it in those 7 days? What happens if I don't pay after 7 days? It sound like they can take me to court I know you said not to call them but I'm tempted to just to say I can't pay it and offer them a nominal sum. I can't record the phone call either. Thanks for all your help
  10. Thanks for your help you've made me feel a bit better.
  11. Hi. Thanks for that...sorry for being a bit dense but does all that mean that they aren't allowed to ask me for the money back like that? I'm so scared they'll take me to court, I don't want that on my record in the future. I'm so mad that I sent the form back to HSBC saying I'd pay them 'X' amount and couldn't afford any more (and that's not an exaggeration!) and then they demand all the money back at once!
  12. Hi I'm new, I've looked through the existing threads but couldn't find a relevant place to post so I started a new thread. I have just received a letter from Metropolitan collectors for HSBC demanding the full payment of my credit card back which is just over £2000 I lost my job a couple of years ago and so started to freelance, money comes in sporadically and not in great amounts. I owe money to 3 credit companies (Including HSBC) it all comes to less than £5000. I have tried to find a part time job but when I do get work in it takes up all my time, recently I have worked 2 weeks s
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