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  1. Pass on to ever they want now, got the document to see them off!!:lol:
  2. Another letter from RED today! "We have reviewed you account and it is now closed, no further letters will be sent to you" A result I think!!
  3. Lowell Portfolio1 Ltd and Red Debt Collection Hi fellow caggers, I hope someone can help. Two weeks ago I received a letter from Lowells demanding payment for a debt last acknowledged in October 2001. I sent a Statute Barred letter (Scotland) and it was duly signed for on Monday 21 February 2011. Today, I received a letter dated 22 February 2011 from Red demanding payment for the same debt. What i would like to know is, where do I go from here? Can they just ignore a SB letter? many thanks Allswell
  4. 08453006899 Hi all Been receiving calls from this number up to 4 times a day. They left a message on answer machine and it said word for word ''08453006899 I repeat 08453006899'' I called the number and a recorded message said thank you for calling BUCHANAN CLARKE & WELLS at which point I hung up. Is this a new ploy to get you to call them?
  5. They are still sending demands even after signing for a statute barred letter:-x:-x:-x
  6. Never lose sleep over these cretins, The caggers will keep you on the right track:)
  7. Many thanks Crocdoc, much appreciated Allswell.
  8. Does this letter apply to Scotland as it quotes the limitations for England and Wales?
  9. Can anyone supply me with a template letter to send to BCW? I have sent them the SB letter but they have ignored it and I have received a further demand for payment. Many thanks Allswell
  10. Another demand from BCW today, reported them to TS and OFT dont know what to do next!!!
  11. Muck Hall have already had this, sent them the SB letter and they failed to acknowledge and passed it on to BCW:mad: This debt has not been acknowledged since 2001 so they certainly are the lowest of the low bottom feeders.
  12. BCW still sending txts and phoning mobile and landline even after sending SB letter! Any advice on what to do next? Allswell
  13. If it is statute barred all they can do is beg you to pay!!!:D:D
  14. Yes, sending the same letter, only in Scotland it is statute barred after 5 years not 6 as elswhere. I have already sent the statute barred letter for this debt to Mackenzie Hall, but they chose to ignore me and have obviously passed it on to the other dredgers!!!
  15. They must be having a purge, I received the same letters and statement today, also statute barred! Last payment and acknowledgement was in 2001.
  16. Many thanks, think I will just let them sweat it out. Allswell
  17. Hi everyone, has anyone heard of BCW Group Plc? I received a text message from them today asking me to contact them urgently on an 08444 no. and quoting my unique reference No. I suspect they are a DCA but would appreciate any confirmation of this. Many thanks Allswell
  18. I had one of these letters 10 months ago and ignored it! Still waiting for them. its all scare tactics!!!
  19. I wonder if someone can answer this question as I have tried asking the CRA and they didnt have an answer. If a debt is statute barred in Scotland after 5 years, why does it stay on your credit file for 6 years? Statute Barred in England and Wales is 6 Years and comes off your credit file after 6 years. Just curious Allswell
  20. Start your own thread and I'm sure someone will help. Allswell
  21. :grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:
  22. As far as I am aware any debt last acknowledged over 6 years ago should be removed from your credit file automatically and cannot be reinstated, but if I'm wrong I hope someone will put me right. Allswell
  23. Letter off to TS with a copy of the afore mentioned letter. Puts their coat on an even shakier peg!!!!!!!!!!:lol:
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