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  1. He is ignoring all my messages. I've told him I would rather settle the matter outside court but he thinks i'm bluffing i think...
  2. hmmm cool thanks for that will get intouch with him right away and see what is to be done.
  3. all parking offenses companies that have not clamped my car or are not regulated by the council I ignore! So if i got a letter from these guys and searched on the net and found out they are not Council regulated i'd just ignore them.... Then if they say they'd take me to court i'd ignore them because they'd probably not, and if they do, then they have to tell me how my parking there has cost them money in anyway. Which they probably cannot so they'd have wasted their time and money. I'd leave the court and laugh at them... Thats honestly what i'd do! I hate all these co
  4. Ok, Doubt they can get me on this anyways but thought i'd cover myself 100%. Lancashire council trying to charge me £50 for a parking offence they claimed i committed. The time of the offence i was clearly in Lincolnshire driving a different car entirely. The car they claimed the offense was on was in care of a friend who was not meant to drive it... I have told them this and given them his details but they still asking me to pay it and not even going to him? Are these people deranged or mentally unstable!?!?! Same thing happend with Sheffield Council but those people just contacted
  5. Sorry this might not be that much usefull but if it is on ebay a lot of things can be traced cant it? The sellers details, I wouldnt buy something off someone worth huge amount if the seller does not have a lot of ratings or response on his back with similar price. Also if you have lots of transactions from a seller, you can track down ip address and all that sort... The police probs looking into that. Also when you get driven to a house for a trade, you should go into the house, sit down make yourself feel at home and try to sniff around for pictures and stuffs like that just t
  6. Sorry about the length of this message. Guys please help me review this. I have tried to contact the landlord soo many times he did not get back to me but just sent me an email later saying how much he would pay back and saying when i moved out which was absolutely wrong when when i actually moved out (even with 1 month notice!). he's ignored my texts and emails. I didnt want to call him as I know it would not lead to anywhere productive as he would be as he says "telling me off" for asking him to do things he is meant to do? or for asking him to come to an agreement with me about th
  7. Thanks Guys all sorted and got the full deposit back! I aint even that evil to take someone to court when I know it has the potential to cripple them. I think!.
  8. I do agree with that and without you mentioning it I would have just blanked that point off my head. Thank you for your so helpful comments, I've decided not to further on with the TDS whoohaa and just get the normal deposit back! Cheers
  9. even though he was trying to stiff me up with bills that where not in anything to do with me?
  10. HI guys, thanks for the response, I started renting the flat earlier this year and have not received anything I tried to text him a lot yesterday asking for it with no luck, i've got email correspondents of this also. Together with his response which I have sent to your private boxes. I've called the 3 different deposit companies and none of them have the details. Where do i stand? And yes please do draft on suggested letters as they will be very useful! thanks
  11. Please let me know if the LBA letter below is good enough to send forward. Also who will I contact to get the claims sorted out? Thank you
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