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  1. I look at both forums, because they are good for research purposes, simply personal preference that i find the other forum a nicer place to be.
  2. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/general-debt-issues/220414-northern-rock-credit-agreement.html I did 3 months ago, and ironically it was you who responded to me then/or didnt, as the case may be.
  3. Not sure why i bother here and advise any guests reading to head over to Martin Lewis moneysavingexpert forum, where people are far more helpful, responsive, and actually reply to a question when they say they will.
  4. This is exactly what happened to me with Northern Rock. I signed an 'acceptance' letter but they never sent a new credit agreement for me to sign, simply a letter detailing the 'new' loan. These documents are attached. Can i say now that the agreement is not enforcable as there is no new agreement?
  5. I took a re-finance loan out with Tesco on 28th August this year, for up £8,000, (covering £3000 from outstanding previous) and £5000 new funds to payoff a Cahoot flexible loan. They sent me a confirmation including the payment holiday that my first payment of £174 would be taken on 1st December this year. Since the loan was issued they have taken 3 payments, 1st Sept, 1st Oct and today 2nd Nov of the original loan monthly amount of £176. I have called them and they said they will 'look into this' and get back to me. What can i do or get them to do?
  6. Thanks for getting back to me, communication is the key. I felt slightly guilty making an outburst, but in my working world if i say i am going to something i do it when i say i am going to do it. This problem is one of the biggest issues i face daily in the construction industry, people simply make commitments they cannot keep or promises they dont intend to keep.
  7. Not to be at all pretentious, but the promises of 'assistance' from this website seem to be as likely as promises of 'assistance' from the banks in 'helping' customers.
  8. Are the free companies that look at this worth using?
  9. I have paid this months payment today - i wonder if it could be one of the last!
  10. Thats great, thanks for your help, much appreciated.
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