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  1. Can I PM you the claim form as it has personal details? I did put in a defence. I believe it’s still open as on the government money claim website it states the claimant will be asked to go to mediation but nothing has happened. The claimant is a landlord for unpaid rent on an old tenancy. The HCEO has already been…
  2. I had a CCJ made against me online which I contested in Aug 2018. I asked the claimant for mediation and the claim states the claimant will be asked and the case is still showing as open on government money claim website. However the claimant has taken the claim to the High Court and had a warrant issued to recover payment or remove goods to pay the debt. I’m not sure what to do as the CCJ claim is still open. What is the best thing to do to have the order set aside or something else? Thank you.
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