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  1. FYI, this is how it ended: the driver never commented/answered questions from his insurance company, which was then "forced" to pay the repairs (and hire of a temp scooter) for me. However, because he did not admit anything, the fault was not assigned to him (nor anyone else). This was an issue when I had to renew my insurance, but was solved without "malus" on my side. After I reported the accident to the police, I got a letter (few weeks later) informing that they were not going to investigate/pursue the case...
  2. Before installation (transfer from old to new apartment) I called the Virgin moving team and a representative mentioned a 6 month half price promotion, but he said that could only be applied/activated AFTER installation ("because the screen is now locked until installation"). Moreover, he said I would receive the "new super media hub" (morem+router in one machine, rather than using the current two ones supplied at the old installation). Installation was done, no new media hub was received, and when I called back to enable the 6 month promotion I was told (after many calls/transfers, and a
  3. I wasn't driving fast. He did stop, but did not give me all his details when I asked for them: he said his name once, and when I asked to spell it, he didn't and left. It was a company car of an airline company. The car is insured. People stopped and checked if I was alright, but at that time I did not think of taking any witness details.
  4. I doubt he did, but how can I check? And how would that "help" me?
  5. I went to a police station to report it straight after he left. They gave me some forms which I filled and brought back the mornign after...
  6. I do not remember seeing the indicating lights, so I'd think he wasn't indicating, but I cannot say "I am sure he didn't".
  7. Mossy, thanks for the reply. He pulled out and the front of his car collided the with left side of my bike, on the metal part covering the rear wheel (that's where the dent/bump that he caused is located)... What would you say?
  8. Hello! I was wodnering if anyone has an opinion about this. I was driving (on a motorbike) on a two way-road: on each side of the road there is a bus lane and a (single) car lane. Bus and cars were still or moving very slowly (due to busy traffic). I was overtaking the cars (from the right, within the lane) when suddenly one of the cars turns right and hits me. In that point there is no side street the car could have turned into, so it was obvious to me that the car was trying a u-turn. however he didn't admit that and said he came on the right because the bus was pushing him on the
  9. Update: I got a letter saying that due to the officer's error, the PCN has been cancelled. Thanks everybody!
  10. Thanks for the fast reply. I am writing this: Do you think is ok/enough? What can I expect next? What would an adjudication entail? (I am new to the UK.) Thanks again, Diodorus
  11. Hi everyone! (I found two similar threads with a similar problem, but I'd like your advise since my case is slightly different) I parked my scooter on the footpath in front of my flat, which is, say, "23b ABC Street". This morning I found a PCN. However, it states: Location motor vehicle was seen in: XYZ Street Location Description: OS 23b (First of all: what does "OS" stand for?) So the address they wrote is wrong. The street they mention ("XYZ Street") is actually a street nearby. However, according to royalmail website, "23b" does NOT even exists in "XYZ Street" (
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