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  1. Hi all. I have been given a new project around the approaches Payday lenders take in the collection of their unpaid loans and after reading numerous threads in relation to these approaches I am now to start accumulating data. I would be very much obliged if some of you who have experienced some of these techniques would provide me with some evidence i.e. E-mails, Letters and (if you have them) telephone call conversation recordings. I would however suggest removing all sensitive information where you see fit. E-mails and letters should be easily posted on here and I am happy to p
  2. Do you have a copy of their Email minus sensitive info?
  3. Great to hear its been sorted! Weight off the ole shoulders isn't it!
  4. I wouldn't recommend just tranferring money into their account without either a prevously agreed payment plan or agreeable reference. I'd imagine they would have a UK based holding account to accept Debit Card Payments etc too.
  5. If HFC cannot provide you with a signed copy of the legal agreement for the loan then yes I believe it can be written off. If however they can find it you should still enquire into the miss selling of the PPI since they were fined for it back in 2008. When was it that you took the loan & from which branch?
  6. Ok great that it was recorded. I am sure that a SAR with HFC is £25 though. I think that has probably delayed your information. The problem you have at the moment is 100 branches have been closed so the work load for all the customer services has increased incredibly making it harder to get into contact with them by post or telephone.
  7. Charley. After working for HFC for a period of time. I can safely bet my bottom dollar that you can get your PPI and subsequent interest refunded. HFC were fined £1m in 2008 for PPI miss selling - not providing proof if it was suited to the customer's needs etc and also such situations where CAMs (Customer Account Managers) actually miss sold it to the extent of advising it was a condition of the loan (which is ridiculous). Also just before I left / 100 Bene branches were made redundant there was a country-wide uplift of old legal files from the branch level to the head offices in Winkfie
  8. Where did you send your SAR? They should have sent you a reply requesting a fee of £25. Did you send it recorded? Else the 40day wont count.
  9. Matam2k. If all they have the details of your Debit Card, then cancelling or 'losing' your old one and getting a new one will stop any post dated Debit Card payments they may have going through. I do on occasion use Payday lenders, luckily never to have had problems repaying. So once your debit card has been stopped the balls in your court. I'd recommend calling the companies up and making them an offer of repayment. i.e. £20-£50 p/m per lender? Tell them you are in financial difficulties due to over committment and see if there's a possibility of a suspension of interest and charges. The
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