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  1. Thank you so much for that information, i was sure that, that was the case, as, i was convinced that every person should get 28 days to pay, before it is entered on a persons credit file, it seems very underhanded, and i will fight them all the way, i have sent a letter to the court in Northampton with a copy of what they have sent me.
  2. yes, and then that got passed to the local court and then they sent the letter that i have recently got that just does'nt seem very professional at all, it says "general form for judgement or order". I thought that even if i got the ccj, then i would at least have 28 days to pay it before it's stuck on my credit file for 6 years, and this just says to pay it on or before 24th, yet the actual date on the form is 21st, i dont see how this can be right? i was not given any opportunity to appear in court and explain,
  3. It was originally a credit card debt that i could'nt pay when i had treatment for cancer and i was at the time on maternity pay, i was only on 45% of my salary and had to take the full maternity leave due to also being ill, of course, i should have corresponded with them more, but, when you are already stressed and they speak to you like dirt, it's something that i just could'nt deal with at the time, and now it has spiralled out of control. They applied for judgement, i disputed, I received the claim pack as i had disputed the claim, as i asked for statements,
  4. Hi Andy, Thanks for the advice, feeling very upset about it, can i still use the N244 after they have already issued a general form of judgement or order? i find it unbelievable that it is dated 21st Nov and they state that i have to pay by 24th Nov ? that's 3 days! not taking into account the post, Kind Regards, Louise
  5. Hi, Can anyone help ? I have appealed a ccj and got a letter back from the court dated 21st Nov saying i had to pay it before the 24th Nov ! (3 days notice), they did not give me details how to further appeal, and also did not address the fact that i have asked for supporting docs from Lowell ! I am in the process of sending them a letter to address the fact that on Lowell's application to the court the man who signed it as a "solicitor" is not actually on the register for solicitors when i rang their office in London. Is there anythin
  6. Hi, I have had big issues with 1st credit too! They have accepted that they cannot find a true signed CCA relating to myself so i asked them to remove the default from all CRAs, which they refused. So i informed them i will take the matter to the ombudsman and then on to court! They have just replied by telling me that: court may be very expensive for you! and you should first read the case of : Mcguffick Vs Royal Bank of Scotland does anyone have a legal mind who can advise me how to respond? so far i have quoted back to them:: Woodchester Lease Management Services Ltd vs Swain&
  7. Hi, I have a debt with Lowell, i have asked for my cca which they have not provided for 42 days now, can anyone tell me what my next step is? can i go to the CRAs and ask them to remove the default because i have not been provided with the cca in the allowed time?
  8. Hi ! i wonder if anyone can advise me? i had disputed an alleged debt with 1st credit who had a debt from natwest for £2800 , i diputed this and asked for a copy of my cca, which they could not provide. Nat west sent me a letter saying that the debt was sold in 2008. I then got a letter back from 1st credit saying that "nat west bank have informed us thatthey are unable to provide us with a copy of the agreement at this time, We shal therefore no longer contact you and have closed our file" I then asked them to remove the default from all credit ref agys which they sent me a long
  9. Hey everyone!,, i just got my credit report and i don't have any ccj's however, i do have 4 accounts that are in default, 2 accounts showing have a history of 0 which is apparently the best score, yet the other 4 have a history of 8 which is the worst score! First question: are defaults as bad as having ccj's on my file? second question: Is there anything i can do to rectify my scoring? (one of the defaults was put on my old address when i didnt live there anymore, is there anything in the law that will help me get this removed)? *obviously i am going to pay them all!
  10. Hi, I am experiencing the same problem, i'm not sure what to do, other than send the company in question the guidelines from the OFT (which you can print off) and then sending them a strongly worded letter informing them that you will be reporting them to the OFT and the Financial Ombudsman if they are not removed! I'm sure you could take the matter to court? they are, after all breaking the law!
  11. Just a quick note, i got a speeding fine sent to my house and it was taken by one of those vans, i was pictured at 39mph. They did not give me the option of speed school. So i sent a letter of complaint in stating that if i was caught doing under 40mph then i should have been given the option of speed school, (worth a try). I was amazed to get a letter back saying that they would basically leave the matter now!
  12. Hi, I have just received my credit file and although i knew of 2 ccj's, i had another one given to me two years ago, which i knew nothing about because i no longer lived at that address (i did have a re-direction service) but the letter wasn't redirected! I am really worried! i have been on a couple of websites, and one of them says that if i didn't live at that address at the time of the order then i can apply to have the ccj removed,! (obviously i will have to pay it first) Has anyone else heard of this? ? Does anyone know of anyone legal that i can ask without costing a
  13. can anyone tell me, about ccj's ? ive got 3 and i want to go back and satisfy them for a mortgage application. Firstly : Is it beneficial to me to satisfy them? as they are 3 yrs old, so on my credit file if i satisfied them , say tomorrow, is it still going to show up as satisfied for the next 6 years? or will they just show for the remaining 3 years? I ask because i was told that it doesnt matter if they are satisfied or not, they are both detrimental to you're credit file. Any help would be greatly appreciated ! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  14. could any one let me know of any broker/lender that deals in self cert mortgages? ive got 3 old ccj's and a terrible credit history (about 3 years ago) but, i now have a 25% deposit, can anyone advise me where to go? xx
  15. I am thinking if a group is formed on Facebook about the petition with a link in place there would be a massive response to this! x
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