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  1. Thanks very much for all your replies and for the details and comments within. As jacktheband commented "A reply of 'to help ensure we are not defrauding the company by noting who we actually refunded' would be a lot clearer and satisfactory. " An explanation would have made things a lot clearer and an assurance that my details would not be sold on or used for marketing would have made me feel more comfortable. I had forgotten about the 30 day rule, but my post was meant to be more of one of curiosity about GDPR. I still have a wheel bearing kit for when the other side becomes defective so in that sense I am not out of pocket. I am however now a little wiser.
  2. Just over a month ago I purchased two bearing bearing kits from a local motor factor. Having to rely on someone with a hydraulic press to carry out the work for me ( who decided just one side needed replacing ) it was only today that I returned the second wheel bearing kit to the motor factor for a refund. Initially I was informed that I had exceeded my 30 day limit for a refund, however after a quick chat with the manager it was decided that because it was a stock item ( as opposed to an item which was especially ordered in ) I could get a refund. The cashier then requested my name, address and postcode. I mentioned I had paid cash and my name and address wasn`t required then, I also mentioned I wasn`t happy to give my personal details due to data protection. I was advised they needed my details in order to carry out the refund. I elected to leave the motor factor without a refund and returned home with the surplus wheel bearing kit. Just wondering whether it is common practice for businesses to request personal details in such circumstances. Many thanks.
  3. Just a quick update. Got the majority of my holiday pay. There was a small shortfall of about £25, however, I didn`t get any explanation or comments just a letter saying balance had been paid directly into my bank account and this now discharges them of any financial commitment towards me. Many sincere thanks to ericsbrother for his telling contribution to this thread, greatly appreciated
  4. Thank you very much for your continued help and interest in this thread. I will revisit the Direct Gov website and recheck what I am entitled to using the hours worked calculator before composing a letter and sending it off to my former employer. I will report back and let you know how I get on. Many thanks.
  5. Thank you for taking the time to respond to my post, very much appreciated. I am assuming the best way to calculate my holiday entitlement is to revisit the Direct Gov website and enter 01.01.2019 as a year start date rather than 05.12.2018 if you are saying that I will only get 2019 entitlement. There is a second issue I also need to clarify, I was never given a contarct, does this effect the situation? Many thanks
  6. I have recently handed in my notice for a job were I was working two days a week ( I hope to be starting a new position in the New Year with more hours ). I have been employed there since May 2018 and from May 2018 to December 2019 I have only ever had 1 paid holiday. Having visited the Direct Gov website and using their online calculator it appears my holiday entitlement, going from an employment finish date of 04.12.2019 and a leave year start date of 05.12.2018, it appears I am entitled to 11.2 days. I did not work bank holidays as these were never part of my working week as my regular days were a Tuesday and a Saturday. Having just received my last payslip it states I have been paid 25 units ( hours). I have composed a letter which has been sent by recorded delivery to my previous employer stating that I believe there has been an error. I have also enclosed a copy of the calculation taken from the Direct Gov website. I have kindly requested that the oversight be addressed and the outstanding balance paid directly into my bank account within seven days. However, I can`t see this happening, this being the case what would be my next move? Any help and assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Just a quick update for anyone reading this thread. Still no response from Energy Ombudsman. Have sent a Complaint letter off to them today by First Class Recorded Delivery requesting a reply within 7 working days.
  8. Long story short hopefully. Late last year I registered a complaint about my electricity supplier to the Energy Ombudsman. I got confirmation from them of my case number and returned the consent forms etc. to them via First Class recorded delivery. I have never heard anything back from them since. However my electricity supplier sent me a letter recently saying I had lost my case stating “The Ombudsman has told us that you have not provided them with confirmation of your acceptance or rejection of their decision within 28 days” I have contacted the Energy Ombudsman, via email enclosing a copy of my electricity suppliers letter, requesting an explanation but as at the time of composing and posting this message on the forums I have not received a response. I have spent a lot of time, effort and money in compiling my complaint and submitting it to the Energy Ombudsman. Anyone else had any similar issues? Any suggestions on my next course of action? Many thanks in advance Steve
  9. As a British Gas consumer I was sent an e-mail in August 2014 regarding British Gas working with the government to install insulation into millions more homes for free. They were also offering a £50 High Street gift card as an extra incentive! Mid September I recieved a nearly identical e-mail but this time the High Street gift card incentive was £25. Regardless of the incentive, I decided to contact them and enquire. I was informed that the system was down and someone from British Gas would call me back........ .....they never have! I have also filled in online applications with N Power and E.on regarding cavity wall insulation, loft insulation and possible replacement boiler ( after declaring a family income below the threshold they mention and acknowledging I am in receipt of Working Tax Credits ) but I have not heard anything from those two companies either. Has anyone on these forums actually had any success or follow up contact when they have made an enquiry?
  10. OK, just an update on the progress. Sent an e-mail to Matthew Barnes but unfortunately for whatever reason this was ignored. Sent a second e-mail to Matthew Barnes basically stating my original e-mail had been ignored and could I please have the courtesy of a reply. I also mentioned that Aldi have received good press recently against the likes of Tesco who have seen a decrease in profits and customers, I would therefore take whatever steps are necessary to get my message across. A couple of days later I received an e-mail from Aldi Customer Service apologising saying they have been unable to respond in writing as requested as a postal address for myself was not available. ( Do you ever get that feeling ) Customer Service went on to repeat what I had already been told on my initial telephone call, they also supported their colleague when I had previously requested but been refused the e-mail address of Aldi CEO by stating that Aldi are a private owned company and adhere to a strict no name policy although they do appreciate this information is available on the internet. The e-mail concluded with an apology and that they would like to send me a gesture of goodwill.
  11. Thank you very much citizenB for your prompt response and the details you enclose The telephone conversation I had with Aldi Call Centre in the Midlands had a blase` tone without them being rude. I was annoyed and frustrated that through no fault of mine I had become over drawn and will be charged £6.00 fees. I`ll do as you suggest and post the results in due course. Many thanks again.
  12. I have recently received my latest bank statements, after checking through them I noticed two Aldi transactions had been duplicated and funds with drawn from my account. The first for £23.87 on the 24.03.2014 the second for £18.78 on the 25.03.2014. The statements show that on the 26.03.2014 another £23.87 and £18.78 had been with drawn from my account. On the 27.03.2014 £18.78 was refunded and on the 28.03.2014 £23.87 was refunded. Unfortunately this caused me to enter my overdraft and although I do have an overdraft facility the Nat West now charge £6 per month for the use of the overdraft. I rang Aldi and explained the situation but they basically apologised and mentioned the issue was caused by an update to the card machines in certain areas of the country. They went onto mention that they had written to several banks to clarify the situation. I was then informed it was upto me to contact my local Nat West bank who would then refund my £6.00. I was not happy with the information I was being given and didn`t believe it was down to the bank to refund my £6.00 overdraft fee. I then asked for the name of the next in command at Aldi but this information was refused due to data protection. I then requested the name and e-mail address of Aldi CEO, this was also refused. Does anyone have any advice on how I should proceed next and any views on who should pay the £6.00 overdraft fee? Many thanks in advance for all replies
  13. Can anyone help with some advice please. I purchased an exchange alternator from a well known motor factor November 2013 and had it fitted to my car. The charging light has today become illuminated whilst driving and now stays on. I will take my car to a local garage and get the charging system tested to see if the alternator has failed. If the alternator is found defective can I claim against the motor factors for the labour charges involved to remove and refit an alternator? Or are they just obliged to supply a replacement unit under warranty? Many thanks in advance.
  14. Not this Saturday afternoon gone but the one previous, I answered my sons mobile telephone ( he had left it at home on charge whilst he was at work ). It was Nat West calling they asked to speak to my son using his christian name, I explained he was at work and could I take a message. The female caller then said no thats ok I`ll call again another time. I asked whether the call was a marketing call, the female caller couldn`t disclose any details, I asked which branch of Nat West she was from, again she declined to give details. I requested basic caller information to relay onto my son later that evening and again I asked for the name of the caller and which branch she was calling from. Again she declined my request and tried to hurriedly end the call. I asked again could I please have the callers name and branch details. Eventually I was informed that it was the local branch calling and that if I had any issues I would need to speak to the manager. The call was ended. I have written to the branch manager on behalf of my son requesting answers to the following. 1. Why wasn`t I afforded the basic caller information eg callers name and branch location. 2. Why did they ask for my son by his christian name 3. Was it usual to call on a Saturday afternoon from a withheld telephone number. Despite asking for a written response within five working days a reply has not been forthcoming so I elected to call into the bank myself today. I have spoken to the manager who informed me that he had received my letter but after investigation the person he needed to speak to was allegedly off sick until last Wednesday. This aside I was informed that the caller shouldn`t have even disclosed the banks name to me due to data protection as this would have confirmed that my son banked with Nat West. He did confirm that it would have been a marketing call ( for which my sons telephone number has now been removed from marketing and sales calls ) and that the banks telephone system is set up not to show their number. The reason for posting this message is to get other peoples views on this. With internet and banking fraud on the increase I just find it amazing that such basic caller information can`t be disclosed as it is considered data protection.
  15. I have asked and got an abrupt NO. Thought it best not to ask a second time. Thank you very much for your reply. Sound advice.
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