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  1. Ok thanks everyone for your comments, it looks like there aren't any hopes! So we'll pay the PCN. Thanks once again all..
  2. True, but when I take a closer look at the photo, it is slightly better. Is itn ot possible to base the appeal on the foll. points? 1. Most part of the car was outside the red area (hence not in front of the bus stop?) 2. As can be seen on the photo the car wasnt parked nad left, we could see the driver sitting which implies that. Maybe the above poitns doesn't amke sense but just felt if it is worth any try..?
  3. Gents, The link below shows the photos tha was sent by the council for the PCN issued. Really appreciate your advise and suggestions with regards to appealing. Thanks http://i980.photobucket.com/albums/ae284/palasmy/20090827135216_00001x.jpg
  4. Thanks Michael, will request for the still images from them to confirm my stand. I suppose a decision can be made after that, whether or not a challenge may be worthful. Quite sure that it did not happen front of the bus stop. Just wondered how much explanation should be given in a situation like this as to why the contravention did not occur... will update this thread as and when I have news so that everyone can benefit from this..
  5. The street view clearly suggests that the bus stop is far from where the car actually stopped, although it was a prohibited area. But the PCN says 'code 47 and stopped on a restricted bus stop' which was not the case actually. Can an appeal be made on this ground ? Will they then change the code and issue a new PCN according to the fault? Please advise..thanks
  6. spot on heliosfa, yeah looks like it is slightly outdated however we could see the red area of the bus stop. Is there a possibility for a wrong contravention? Was the camera automatic because don't remember seeing any wardens around that time? moreover as already said, the engine was on and it was only for a few minutes..
  7. The name of the shop should be either "HARAN BROS or ABISHA UK LTD" And I think the name of the stop is 'Broad Green, Sumner Road Broad Green (Stop LE)'. Appreciate everyone's time and hope this helps others in similar situation..
  8. Apologies Michael didn't realise you were expecting that, managed to find the post code of the grocery shop...it is CR0 2RL. If I remember right, there was two bays opp the shop...
  9. Thanks Michael, I will have to go back then to find exactly how far away was the car from the bus stop, clearly not in front of it sure!! is there any minimum distance necessary (away from the stop) in this kind of a situation to appeal
  10. I'm not sure, it was one of the main roads in croydon(london road) I suppose. Busy place, but there were parking spaces just before the stop but they were all full. The car had stopped between first space and the actual stop. I'd say roughly there was a gap of about 100 yards or even more..admittedly there were double red lines
  11. http://i980.photobucket.com/albums/ae284/palasmy/20090821143453_00002.jpg http://i980.photobucket.com/albums/ae284/palasmy/20090821143453_00003.jpg http://i980.photobucket.com/albums/ae284/palasmy/20090821143453_00001x.jpg Thanks everyone for the response, and appreciate Michael's step by step by guide to post the pics. Please have a look and help me through! There is 20 odd days left before I could be summoned again. As said it was a genuine mistake in a new place, further the car's engine was even running and was more like a pick up / drop off!!
  12. Please find the images of the PCN, I can't recall of seeing any signs there as I was there for a very quick stop only. But there was red lines on the road..
  13. Agreed, honestly the stop was at least 50 -100 yards away...was done just to load the groceries (heavy) bought from the shop next to the pavement and was only few minutes there. Any help is much appreciated..
  14. A council has sent a PCN for stopping on a restricted bus stop / stand. Obviously this was a total new place and a genuine mistake, has only been realised after receiving the PCN. Further the incident occured for just few minutes as could be remembered!! Would really appreciate any help for making an effort to get this cancelled.
  15. Fantastic overandout, ther is one in progress here with the same bunch (WJ & CCS) but its only at the second letter stage!
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