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  1. In my experience. HR are people are a special people, without integrity and paid to support the management, notes of meetings biase, inaccurate - where it suits the management. I would never trust a HR person and do not know how some of them can sleep at night.
  2. Thanks sidewinder, the Branch secretary is furious and we have got in touch with the regional officer and I have been told to fill out a case form as my case was closed as I had lost my grievance. The fabricated bit of evidence was a new organisational chart given out to my office in 2007 and I was in a team of 3 and the other two in the team were given individual roles whilst I was not - one of them being my mentee, I was furious as I was doing all the work and my boss did not want me to gain that recognition, basically marginalising my contribution. I moved away by asking my line manger's manager to physically move me into another office, I was still part of this structure - my line manger tried to manipulate me by saying in an email "that she gives me her word she will make him pull his weight and earn his corn" after I asked to be moved -after my move I was bullied & harassed and in 2008 I raised a grievance and this chart showing how I was marginalised was produced by me. My line manager produced an amended chart at my grievance showing that I did have an individual role - of course I had never seen this amended chart or done this individual role. The investigating officer accepted this amended chart as evidence despite me saying this - I have evidence from both administrators responsible for the area of work where I supposedly had this individual role saying there was no such role or me having done such a role, whilst the two who were given individual roles there is evidence of them doing their individual roles.
  3. Hi I went through a grievance with my line manager and for one incident my line manager produced evidence at my grievance that I can now prove is a fabrication. I do not know what to do, I basically waited until I could get the truth from management that this was a fabrication without these managers being told to keep me in coventry. My union rep. is furious and I said through out my grievance that this was made up and now can prove it. I do not know what to do, the investigating officer was in on covering up for this manager. I do not know what to do.
  4. She can complain, but to make an allegation that I verbally abused is wrong and can be construed as Victimisation as I did state in an email after the informal meeting that was being discrimanted on the grounds of my race. There was of course no witnesses to this, whilst I have 3 witnesses to the way I have been treated as well as formal documents & emails which show favourable treatment and me being treated differently - especially in the application of the flexible working policy which has a clocking in system. I am made to work under this, while my comparator who is not, even though we have the same roles - they have justified this on the grounds that I moved offices, even though my role is the same and my contract terms states I have to work only occassional evenings or weekends. I am now being monitored and being made accountable for my hours whilst my comparator can come and go as he likes. The flexible working policy was discussed when I was sharing an office with this guy and I had no problem with it, being monitored as it was being applied equally and my line manager did not implement it , even though I agreed as this guy does not do his full hours and did not want to make up his hours so my line manager did not want that to be picked up by the clocking in system - I have the emails proving this of course. My line manager has singled me out for this to humiliate me and demean me by clocking in and out work. I know that when an etnic complains of unfair treatment and race discrimination this forum is very dismissive - alot of people need to wake up and smell the coffee...it takes place by very manipulative and devious people. I am an Union rep on Equality and I have no problem when policies are applied fairly, equally and transparently.
  5. Hi flipper, You are right. This manager had the information that would help me in completing the task and withheld it, whilst stressing the importance of the work and how I would not meet the deadline. He did this after I had filed a written grievance - a month after the written grievance for harassment & bullying due to my race. This incidnt I have put in an addenda to my grievance that I have been victimised. This is incident 19 of 19 and there 3 more incidents after this one. My employer is terrible at dealing with any grievances - there is a teribble denial culture and they always settle before an employment tribunal, because they always bash you so much in the hope you will curl up and fade away.
  6. Hi I filed a grievance and after my grievance against two managers. one of them Victimised me by giving me a piece of work to do and I did it - it was manually checking through statistics that is normally done thru our computersised system which had not been done. I was asked to do this for previous years manually and had the previous years computerised versions to help me. I did this and made one mistake and he called me in with my Union rep for a meeting and asked me to go thru this all over again. I agreed, 2 days later this manager receives an email from the data analyst with the the computerised versions and in the email it said can this be forwarded onto me as I had been after this data for some time. Of course this guy withheld it from me and I was off sick after this meeting and on my return this manager chases me up on this work without forwarding this data that I needed and the data analyst was on leave and nobody could acesss his computer with this data on. This manager on my return from sick states that this task is urgent, I will not meet the deadline and deliberately witholds this data - I only found out when the data analyst returned from leave when he forwarded me the email he had sent to this manager.
  7. My line manager asked me specifically what I thought of her - literally I said I think you are the most nepotistic and manipulative person I have ever met in my life. I gave a frank and honest answer. I was asked what I thought of her and did not use the word bitch is what she has claimed. I am sorry, but if you are asked specifically to give an opinion you have to take it on the chin even if you do not like it. There are 19 incidents in my grievance, this manager has had numerous grievances, bullying, race discrimination etc. But nothing is ever done about this manager.
  8. Hi everyone, I have been going through an awful time at work. It all started when my line manager started putting in people in with me who had performance problems and eventually I was in a team with 2 others and then my line manger created a new structure with me in the team with the other two and them two getting roles outside the team, but not me. Both of them are white and I am asian, one of the two is someone I mentored and have more experience than and more academically qualified. I tried to leave this team earlier and my line manager was aware of this and she sent me an email to pre-empt this, admitting that I work with someone who does not pull their weight or earn their salary - referring to the person that I mentored, I have more experience than and more academically qualified. My line manager said they give me their word they will make them pull their weight after just giving them a career ehancing opportunity - this guy just hides and this had been going on for over 2 years. I have filed a grievance on this and other incidents. I was off with work related stress and on my first day back at work my line manager accused me of verbal abuse after she asked me what i thought of her, there had been the excessive flattery that she gave me so I would have a positive opnion at my return to work meeting, but I stated that i thought she was a very manipulative person and she said I called her a manipulative bitch - this was communicated to personnel and i got a warning communicated via my union rep. This I believe is victimisation as there were no witnesses and she asked me specifically what I thought of her. I did state before I went off sick that I felt I had been harassed and discriminated on my race and of course there was an informal meeting where some sycophantic HR manager dismissed my claims as me being frustrated.
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