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  1. well thanks very much folks my bankruptcy went through on the 11th august although i have not had any paper work yet i phoned and they told me. ill post again soon with more information that might help someone else out after i get paperwork about it all.
  2. i really appreciate all the replys i already have all the forms and am going to fill them in tommorow it took us a while to save up the £100 each and have had a lot of phone calls and letters in the mean time which will hopefully stop! i already have a basic bank account and my partner had two accounts one of which she owes a lot of money too and one where the child benefit etc gets paid in so i believe they wont close it as there is no money lying in it. i am still a bit confused on the application wether to put the original company or the debt collection company who is currently chasing the debt? on tha aib website 10% of applications get checked thoroughly what could that mean? i cant help feeling that even though we didnt mean to get into this position we are going to get into trouble from someone! once again thank you all very much for taking the time to reply and if anyone else can add anything that would be brill. alan
  3. hello folks i am hoping some of you might be able to help me with a couple of things... we are about to go through the L.I.LA route to bankruptcy we have been to the citizens advice and while they have been a real help they couldnt answer some things. i am a bit worried i wont have all the paperwork/credit agreements/debt letters etc that they will want to see, will they want exact dates and reasons we got into every debt? why did we let it get to this stage and so on... also i have old debt from maybe 5+ years ago should i include this and who do i say it is with the original company i owed money to or the countless debt recovery people who have took it over? can anyone tell me briefly their experience of lila? many thanks in advance, alan
  4. i really appreciate all the replys folks i tried to tell the guy it has nothing to do with his credit score but he reckons its blacklisting his house (i know it isnt!) i thought it was problly illegal to open my mail but i dont want to make a big deal of it incase he goes shouting off to everybody about our debt problems i will get some letters typed up to send to moorcroft and oft etc i just hope they listen quick enough, on the phone they were only interested in getting me to make a token payments before they could stop the action as they called it! thanks again, alan
  5. hello, thanks for taking the time to read my problem. we are in a position of going bankrupt through the l.i.l.a route once we get together the fee and sort a few more details out. we owe moorcroft money for about 3 different accounts, the problem is they are sending the mail to my neighbours address which is very similar to mine i have been on the phone to them asking to change the address back to mine. they say mine was down as a previous address and on the letters they send they say they got this address from a credit reference agency who linked addresses. my neighbour believed that we were hurting his ability to obtain credit and the next day came round with one of the letters he had opened from moorcroft and said this was why he wasnt getting credit it was all very embarassing. then a week later he came round shouting again because another letter had came which he said he opened to get a number to ring them. more than anything i just want them to stop sending my mail to the neighbour who is getting pretty angry because it isnt sorted. thanks for any help in advance, alan
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