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  1. Indeed, I.E. he didnt bother to verify them.
  2. How can he point to my photo evidence when he doesnt have it? and Nor does he have my DVLA/Driving license number. Just name and address. And the name is wrong as I have said...
  3. No I didnt sign a thing. Clearly he didnt check them or he wouldnt have the wrong details. Driving Licence. And he didnt write down my name in the wrong order. He put my MIDDLE NAME as my surname and my surname as my first name. So its not just a case that hes put my first name and surname in the wrong field. Hes completely cocked it up. He wont be there to identify me because if he were he would probably lose his job, as I'm sure inspectors cant see that you have an invalid ticket and ask you to leave the train without giving you a fare. That would be him not doing his job properly now wouldnt it? Quite simply, he was on a power struggle, and no force on heaven or earth will make me give the DLR my money.
  4. First of all, if getting fined for making a journey that would be free even if you had tapped in, because you are travelling in the same areas you have already paid for, same idea as a travelcard, is "unacceptable" and worthy of a £50 fine, then I am guilty, however common sense says that its not. Secondly, SRPO, if you think you are winding me up, you are wrong, Infact its quite sad that you have nothing better to do than post moody sarcastic replies to people on a forum, clearly your life is rather boring, so I will say no more on you. Thirdly, I spoke to a friend who deals with all this kind of stuff (Parking fines, train fines etc.) and he informed me that if the name on the penalty fare ticket is wrong, then that makes the fine invalid, therefore the DLR/TFL wont be getting a f*cking penny of my money, and for that I am happy. Thank you to everyone who actually posted helpful replies.
  5. I use the C2C route so yes you are correct I use PAYG on this route and am completely within my means to do so, infact most people do. And Old-CodJA, my post was in no way at all aimed at you, and I dont know why you thought it was, you was in no way showing me attitude. It was aimed at SRPO for his obvious attitude problems with comments like "Personally, I dont care if you pay the penalty or not" and "Man up and just pay the fare", if he doesnt have anything useful to say, then he should keep his mouth shut instead of trying to get his post count up. Just didnt see the need for the attitude, it's not as if I came across with an attitude like "AH DAMN IT BLUD THE INSPECTOR CAUGHT ME JUMPIN THE FARE CAN U HELP ME GET OFF OF IT?" I was asking the questions as I feel abit aggreived that I got a £25/£50 fine for not realising the oyster reader didnt give me the green light as I was rushing, for a journey that would not cost anything. Yes fair enough he didnt know my destination, and fair enough most people probably use the excuse "oh I forgot to tap in" but I mean I was dressed in a suit and I told him where I was going, wasnt hard to put 2 and 2 together. It's not like I was in a tracksuit with a gang of boys, and lets be fair, If I was he would have felt intimidated and not said a word anyway. And yet people just trying to get to work end up getting fined, and the real wrong do-ers get away with it. So if I cant get a criminal record from not paying the fine, what can they do? I mean if I let it go to £50 and refuse to pay it still, what after? £100? or will they send debt collectors? or will I go to court about it? I would have paid the fine there and then if I felt I was in the wrong, but I really don't feel like paying this one, out of principals more than anything else. Still I suppose at least if I do maybe they will put the money into all the station refurbishments going on at the moment and actually finish one of them!
  6. Yes I travel for work every day, let me explain the journey again... I travel on national rail therefore when i touch in and out on prepay it already takes the balance out for the zones I travel, so when I get on the DLR and I tap in and out, it does not take off any money. So using the DLR costs me £0 because I have already been travelling in those zones as I've been on national rail, and on the DLR im basically going back on myself...therefore it does not charge me a penny. Is that understandable? so the journey I was making would not have cost anything anyway. That is the point I am trying to make...and yet because I didnt touch in because I was in a rush (So please stop getting snotty and saying oh u dont touch in u pay the price, have u never been in a rush before?) So I'm having to pay £25 for a journey that wouldn't have cost me a penny anyway! Thats why I'm annoyed, not because of the ticket inspector, not because I want to dodge a fine, not because of anything other than that. I failed to touch my card yes, but if they had gates at every station would I have forgotten then? I even have the statement as proof that I always touch in and out when using the DLR, just this one time, that I was in a rush, and on a not so busy DLR train (Hence the ticket inspector being there, as we all know if it was a busy train, he would have been nowhere to be seen) so please stop giving me attitude as if I intentionally evade train fares every day, It was once i forgot to touch my card, and worst of all it was on a journey that even if I had touched in, I would not have been charged. That is why I do not want to pay £25. I'm not being rude its just a bit disrespectful to suggest I'm like some people in london who jump the barriers and all sorts, when it was a genuine mistake. As for my name, he has my MIDDLE name as my last name, and my last name as my first name, they have no oyster card number, all they have is an address, therefore they cannot prove that it was me who was there, same as a speeding ticket, if they cant prove who was driving, no one pays the fine.
  7. No I'm not the registered occupier at the address. No I dont hold a season ticket, I am pay as you go, but because my journey on the dlr is basically going back on the journey I have already done in terms of zones when I do travel that journey and I touch it on the oyster read before and after my dlr journey it takes off no credit as ive already paid it for the previous journey if you understand what I mean, so dont think my attitude is I would have been happy enough not to pay because thats not the case at all. But at the end of the day I have still got this fine because of the inspector being on a power struggle, but he has written down the completely wrong name anyway, So I'm just hoping due to that I can send them the letter back when they send it saying the occupier doesnt live here and they can check it and that will be confirmed...is that right? Thanks
  8. Hi there, I just got fined £25 because I was rushing for the train and clearly as I was rushing I didnt stop to check if the light went green on the oyster card reader. Obviously it didnt as I have now been fined, literally as I just got on the train at cutty sark the inspector was there and asked for my ticket. I produced my oyster card (Which had enough money on it for the journey) and he said it had not been touched in and I would be fined. I mean fair enough hes just doing his job but I was in a rush as I needed to get back to work. However, I'm hoping that unfortunately for him, he has written down the completely wrong name than what I gave him, he has put my surname as my first name and my middle name as my last name ...although the address is right. When they send a letter through to me, can I simply say to them that the specified name does not and never has lived at this address, therefore he must have written down the wrong address for the ticket? I mean the name isnt even close to being right. Also even though I clearly told him why my oyster hadnt been activated (Because I was in a rush and didnt stop the check the reader) he has put in the passengers statement "Forgot to touch in" which clearly isn't at all what I said. Can I get away with this due to the name being completely wrong? Also whats the deal with this becomming a "criminal record" as I've read on other posts people are getting criminal records for penalty fares??? If that is the case then what a joke. People getting criminal records for forgetting to touch their oyster on a reader? LOL... Also may I add that even if I had touched my oyster on the reader, I would not have even been charged for the journey as it is within the journey to and from home that I make before and after work anyway. Some advice on this please. Thanks in advance. J
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