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  1. i still have the opportunity to do this, right? It's not going to get struck out due to a brief POC? Or is it...?
  2. hi i posted a little while ago. The garage neglected to tell me verbally about a nail in my tyre while replacing my brake pads and I consequently drove 200 miles with a nearly flat tyre. I have written a letter of complaint but had no reply what do i do next?
  3. Hello, i had my brake pads changed on friday. I then noticed on sunday after a 200 mile drive to manchester that my front passenger tyre was flat with a screw embedded in its side and a yellow tyre chalk arrow pointing to it. NOw having looked at the paperwork from the garage it has been noted on their but they failed to verbally inform me anything else had been noted while the car was with them. I didn;t read the paperwork on the day as they gave it to me in an envelope and i was in a rush. Should they have verbally informed me of the nail in the tyre - i feel they maybe should have. Tha
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