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  1. Seven months on, I have now been to court, although I may as well have stayed at home. The judge gave the agent judgement within ten minutes, on the basis that I had started the negotiations with my employee- so the agent was entitled to his money in full straight away. Despite the contract actually stating '"if unconditional contracts for the sale of the business are exchanged". So for anyone else selling their business through this means, be AWARE that they can be liable for costs despite doing all the right things. The judge would not even let me appeal.
  2. Has anyone had the same problem as me, if so what have you done. I could use some good advice. I had my own business until last year, after 43 years I was forced to close by ill health due to stress caused by RBS. I had transferred my account to them in August 2009. Had free banking for three months - but got charged. Between 2009 and 2011 they charged me over £21,000 in bank charges, I was eventually crediting money to the account just to pay their charges and they were bouncing items more than paying them - reducing me to a shivering wreck and my good name in tatters and finally the d
  3. Can anyone offer some advice. I wanted to sell my business in 2009, I contact a business Estate Agent who agreed to market it for me at a good price I signed up with him. From then onwards I heard very little going to nothing from the company. In 2011 I discussed with my employee about selling and she wanted to buy. I wrote to the agent and withdrew my business. My employee then advised me she was not able to pay the amount I was asking for it. As I was by this time becoming ill with the stress of running the business I agreed a lower price with her and we eventually exchanged co
  4. They have already gone for the jugular the original deposit was £500 thanks anyway.
  5. Thank you, I will give her this information.
  6. I am not sure if anyone can help. My daughter bought a small house when she got her first job, which she has continually let. Late last year (2011) she let it to a couple and their teenage son, took the deposit of £500.00 and their first month rent and they duly moved in. I will add that prior to them moving in she had a tenant who more or less demolished the house, and it cost her £20,000 to renovate it ready for reletting. Her biggest error was not putting the deposit in the deposit scheme but keeping it in her savings account. Three months later these tenants started to complaint abo
  7. Hi, it some months since I have been on the site. I am still fighting my case with Sherforce, I have had considerable help from CAG and my MP has also written to them for me. Now I want to follow the route of HoneyB - and take the matter for detailed Assessment. I have contacted our local county court to ask how to go about it, but no-one seems to know. Can anyone assist me PLEASE??
  8. Would you let me have the details of whom the letter should be addressed to please.
  9. I would be grateful if you would let me have the details of the people I need to send this information to. These fees have crippled my business. Do you think I would be able to reclaim some of these charges back from them?
  10. I have recently had a 16 page list of every conversation and a list of every one of:-x the charges are listed as follows: 10.12.09 - Cost added at Warrant 1st visit fee - £180.00 General charges - no amount Admin charges £300.00 cost added at warrant creation £160.00 - no explanation attendance to remove 700.00 attendance to remove 700.00 removal contractor fee 180.00
  11. After calling Sherforce numerous times, and eventually their "legal" department, I eventually got six or seven pages of everything they did and the charges - although most of the charges are at the very edge of the page or not showing at all- I have contacted them again asking for a more clearly set out list. Regarding the rule which states they must apply to the for the fees first - I already challenged them on the legality of that, their reply was that they don't have to make application in respect of every case, and "they make these charges all the time" and did not have to ask the judge
  12. I sent the SAR request and by recorded delivery and with Postal Order its now over two weeks and no reply from them, where do I go from here?
  13. No I haven't had a statement of account. I will contact them first thing in the morning and try to obtain one. Thanks for that
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