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  1. Thank you for your reply and for not judging. I posted over at moneysaving expert and wish i had not. I know this is my fault and i need to fix it. Thank you for your advice. I called EDF back after i posted and even though i really cant afford it and it has left me pretty skint i have paid 150 and they have said this should give me enough time to get the reast paid on the 30th which is my payday. I just hope they are right. Thanks again Craig
  2. Guys. I need some advice. I have got into a situation with my EDF bill and today when i got back home i had a letter to say they have come round to either disconnect or fit a prepay meter. As i was not at home they have to now go to the local magistrates court to get a warrent of entry. I have called EDF and said i can pay the full balance on the 30th of this month which they have noted but cant stop this process. How long does it take to get the warrent as i just need 18 days to play with and it will be clear Thanks for any advice you can give
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