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  1. Just a quick update, after complaining and complaining and writing my own letters with bits of other letters, Lowlife have now confirmed they or/and HBOS have no CCA as the debt is so old so until they find one they will not be chasing. The debt, if I recall correctly, will be SB in 2013 (Feb I think) Thanks for all the help
  2. I am not going to post on this thread anymore as I seem to be annoying some members who don't understand my worries. Feel llike I'm been cast out of CAG and I cant make my doubts go away, despite what other CAggers say. And I am not sure whether to trust a Lowell member of staff and yet again, that seems to go against the grain, yet we are all told not to trust DCA's. Thanks for all the help
  3. Got a PM from Lowells CRT, not entirely happy posting it on here/don't think I should but how do I get some honest advice regarding the advice he has given me?
  4. Yes it does DX. Am hoping James can help and appreciate you referring me to him or vice versa, just a little bit sceptical that's all but I appreciate your input
  5. I know BB, DX contacted him on my behalf (think he thought he could help) but I am loathe to give any personal info. Read all his posts last night and there was no contrusctive advice given, just send me your details, hence why I have asked him to reply on here, we'll see if he does.......................................................
  6. Hello James Thank you for posting and offering your help. I see no reason for me to send you my reference number, you can see the document I have been provided with and you can post on this thread or if you prefer you could PM me as to whether you think its enforceable or not, if its unenforcable then I would contact you and ask that you (your company) cease with the collection letters. At this point I see no need for secrecy to be honest, if you are willing to help then just give me your honest view on this document and we will take it from there. I have no complaints other than rece
  7. I know what you are saying and I know its right but you are correct, they do get to me and I let them. Its just so hard and something I'm finding it hard to cope with.
  8. Thanks, I presume they work for Lowells, but will they help me or just report back to Lowells?
  9. After another letter this morning, stating that the compliant to HBOS was settled? They own the debt, I have had the true and proper paper work (CCA), they are willing to work with me to clear the debt, they have very helfpul staff and I have no need to be embarrassed, they will put in on hold for 28 days to give me time etc etc, I am beginning to think I should pay them. I truly cannot cope with the hassle, the letters, being scared of going to court, all the letters going back and forth and despite me telling them more than 3 times that they have nor provided any pre
  10. It's approx 5 years old, just received letter from Mac Hall today. Tennis with Phoenix etc about 3 years. Debt taken out before 2007. Other cat debts with shop direct have had the response that they know they cannot enforce the debt etc and not heard anything about them for quite some years. These ones are showing as settled on my CR. Just need to know if I can send the letter I mentioned as the debt has been assigned not just passed over? Sorry, not sure what you mean about being careful about using no CCA with cat debts? As I say, other ones with same group have said they cannot enf
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