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  1. thanks, just called them but they cannot find any details for the previous property, as such they are saying they cannot do anything unless i find a reference number, what a joke!
  2. hey guys, bit of a weird one, now i might be slightly naive to think this but one would assume a utilities company cannot issue defaults against your credit report, as fundamentally they are not in receipt of a contract as such, i.e. no proof of ID is needed when calling them to arrange management of your utility bills, no contract is signed etc. So imagine my dismay when i recently applied for a mortgage (believing my credit report to be somewhat good) and a default appears from BG. can someone explain to me how this is possible? as they are not a DCA, nor a lender in any sen
  3. legends! thanks for confirming, i thought as much!
  4. damn, no replies, have i made this sound more complicated than it needed to be? i just need to know whether DCA's can add defaults onto an original debt thus increasing the time until it gets removed from someones credit report? thanks!
  5. Hey all, been a while since my last post, i hope you're all still kicking DCA's butts out there? Got a question, that i'm sure has been asked before, but for the life of me, i can't find one! My question is a relatively simple one, i'm hoping someone can enlighten me?! Can DCA's add defaults to someones credit score as many times as they like? the scenario is thus: my partner has a debt on her credit report, which was defaulted in March 2006, now i know that this is going to be Statute Barred in March 2012, however, can the DCA add an additional default on to her cre
  6. can DCA's really do this? put defaults on your account every month? Advice would be appreciated guys..
  7. oh, forgot to say, i have actually contacted experian, they have told me that i need to send them a copy of the letter from the DCA in question (Lowell) - and they will ask Lowell for permission to remove the default... as if they are going to agree to this without a massive fight... not sure how i can get out of this, it's holding me back from creating a good life for my partner and child.
  8. I’ve been having a nightmare the past year with DCA’s putting constant defaults on my account every month! Even though the alleged debt(s) are un-enforceable, either by way of SB or an un-acceptable contract being provided. The thing is that myself and my partner have a baby and have been looking into getting a mortgage, but with my credit record the way it is, from the pounding DCA’s have given it, putting defaults on monthly, there is no way this is every going to happen. I suppose my ranting is really aiming towards some much needed advice, as to how I can get these defaults rem
  9. i think they charge them about £10 per month... for unlimited tracing, which is cheap when you think how many tracks they must do per month. shocking.
  10. i know it's not Lowell, i was saying that it's a company that lowell have been using to trace people....
  11. Fellow Caggers, It seems that Lowell / Hamptons / Red have employed a new tactic in tracing people, a friend of mine has received a letter from a company called 1st Locate based in Leeds, they have attempted to contact him using personal information. Anyone else had anything like this? He has moved addresses since receiving a letter from Lowell stating they cannot provide him with a valid response to his CCA request, so feels there should be no need for correspondence with the Leeds Losers. Fair play if you ask me, it’s just amazing the lengths these people are prepared to go to, in o
  12. yeah, i thought as much mate, thanks for the feedback though, i've put all the info into a letter now, will send off and see what they say - i was like whoa, Cerberus is a bit keen! haha
  13. damn man, how many times do you need to post? haha, here is a copy of the CCA...
  14. maybe put some stuff in there about if they continue to persue then i will be forced to contact the OFT and TS..
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