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  1. that's great thanks. I didn't receive the PM not so sure why. Would you be able to point me to some relevant cases that have been lost by DVLA? Many thanks
  2. I'll see if I can find it as I was totally aggravated and might have binned it. I'm sure though it was from DVLA as now I have received the summons that correspond with the letter. However i could be wrong but I still have a court date?
  3. Hi I have read some threads about this issue with DVLA, I just needed some help. I sold a car over a year ago or so and I posted the V5 1st class post to them. However I received a letter from DVLA stating someone had applied for the V5 and if this was correct then I don't need to take any action and they would issue the V5 withing 14 days I think it was? So I took no action. I then received a letter saying I had failed to notify the DVLA about the change of ownership and now had to pay them an out of court settlement. After receiving this letter I phoned them to expla
  4. Hi Just reading this is a bit worrying. I've got summons for the same but I sent the V5 and DVLA said they haven't received it. I'm trying to find some dismissed cases that I can use. Could anyone kindly point me in the right direction. Thanks
  5. I have the same problem. Sent the V5c 100%, would just hold my hands up and say OK sorry I forgot, but I know for a fact I posted it to them, just normal 1st class post that's it. @ The Hooligan if you can help, would be totally appreciated. (PM'd you).
  6. I've never had a change of address. So exactly what needs verifying? Am I who I say I am ? Makes a lot of sense, why should i need to provide them with information they clearly already have and if they don't have my details why are they chasing me? Is it normal to randomly pursue anybody?
  7. What I don't understand is this, why are they stating I informed them of a change of address? and not responding to the CCA request? Pretty straight forward really. If they can send me letters stating they are taking action against me surely they know who I am and where I live? I really don't want to be sending anything else with my personal details to these very dubious people. I might send them a letter asking them when I informed them of an address change, would there be any point?
  8. Hi again thanks for the advice I have followed it and sent these fredrickson people a cca request with the postal order. I have now received a letter from arrow global thanking me for informing them of a different address? and asking me to send them two proofs of ID? and they have returned my postal order. I don't know what they are playing at I asked for the CCA from fredrickson and I certainly didn't inform them of an address change. Any ideas? Thanks
  9. Well Angry Cat that's quite a list! I like the way they put in their letter that if they can produce a statement but not a CCA the money is owed? Is that right?
  10. Hi I received a letter from Robinson way saying I owed some money on a store card to Link Financial. So I sent the CCA request with a £1.00 Postal Order. They have returned the postal order but said they had requested a statement and a copy of the agreement. Does the return of the PO mean anything or should I just wait and see what happens? Many thanks fizz
  11. Hi I received a letter from Aktiv Capital today what shall I make of it? It says: Dear Punter We previously asked a Debt Collection company to contact you. Your account has been returned to us. We understand you have raised some questions concerning agreement number xxxxxxx your account has now been passed to our specilaist relatios team. We will cease any collections activity whilst your account is with this team and we do hope to work with you to resolve the matter as soon as possible. Depending on what investigations we need to undertake the length of ti
  12. Maybe I should levy a £25.00 charge on them for the trouble of having to read their letter.
  13. Brilliant thankyou I think I'll just wait it out. What about the ' You have Acknowledged the debt' letter?
  14. great I printed it all out What shall I do about the rest of the debts and the acknowledged one?
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