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  1. Contact the network and see if they can provide proof of usage with the IMEI number - this should match up to the box and should be enough. I deal with contents insurance, and you are expected to be able to evidence some things - mobile phone claims are one of the biggest areas for fraud which is why insurers often place a higher burden of proof on claims for them. I would suggest though that you do a full inventory of your property (particularly the high value items), with photos in the event you need to make a claim.
  2. There is a £500 limit on the money taken. Were any of the electricals computers? As they would also fall into the high risk definition. Was any of the jewellery gifts for Christmas? I only ask because they will increase the contents sum insured by 10% for 30 days either side of religious festivals, which possibly helps reduce the underinsurance (in 5 years of handling household claims I've never actually seen this section used) Interestingly, I've looked through the booklet loads and cannot find a section on underinsurance anywhere - maybe someone else can double check. Usually it
  3. 42" LCD LG TV's are available - e.g this one at Play.com. That said, it will most likely depend if they have any old stock available or not. Co-op electrical don't list any on their website so they're probably going to replace it with an LED TV - e.g ebuyer.com You're also likely to find your premiums rise by more than the cost of the claim over the 5 years you'll need to declare it.
  4. Bankruptcy often indicates someone is poor at managing their money. People who are poor at managing their money often have financial difficulties (even after going bankrupt). People who are in financial difficulties are more likely to commit insurance fraud. I work for an insurer, and we've started loading premiums for people with poor credit history. You're probably thinking 'how outrageous to say I'm likely to commit fraud just because I'm bankrupt' - insurance works on huge generalisations though, so it's nothing against you as an individual. Your best bet would be to speak to a l
  5. Your policy will generally cover you for one-off incidents. You would have to be able to argue that the roof was damaged by storm, and be able to prove it (the onus is on the insured to prove that an insured peril happened, the onus is on the insurer to prove that an exclusion should apply). Insurance won't cover anything gradual or caused by wear and tear. Do you owe them any money for the previous policy?
  6. Knowledge not so much, but cause is - it needs to be accidental damage (so not mechanical breakdown, design fault or wear and tear) - something cause in a sudden incident. That said, if they inspect the laptop, it will be very clear if there's liquid damage so I wouldn't worry too much about it at this stage.
  7. You can always ask them - but they are probably relying on this condition of the policy (page 33 in the online booklet) These conditions are notoriously difficult to rely upon, as one persons definition of reasonableness is different to another's. Certainly worth putting in an official complaint. I would point out though that there is a good chance they would consider the money "held for professional purposes" and hence decline to cover this even if they agree to cover the theft in general.
  8. Do you have anything to back this up that can be relied upon if it was called in to question? If the question "Have you ever had insurance cancelled" is asked, the answer has to be "Yes"... anything else can be construed as non-disclosure.
  9. I don't think they offer an underwritten product so they are exempt from FSA regulation (they certainly don't appear on the FSA register) so you may not be able to complain via the FOS unfortunately.
  10. you can ask for a cash settlement - but be prepared for them to reduce the settlement to what they pay (as they'll almost certainly going to get a discount from the voucher supplier). Providing the goods can be replaced, this is perfectly acceptable
  11. Just a quick question, before I ring LTSB tomorrow. I've had an account with them for a few years and never had any problems with charges, but at the end of January had some problems and went into an unplanned overdraft. They won't give me a planned overdraft (fair enough) but were happy enough to authorise an unplanned one, with all the fees that go with it. On the 20th of January, I went overdrawn by £74.99 I repaid all of this on the 17th of February. Over the 27th-29th of February, they again allowed me to go overdrawn by £50 On the 1st of March, they pushed my account to £
  12. Unfortunately, if they can be cleaned, that is all they are liable to do - maybe your neighbours water damage was worse, or the restoration men your insurance company sent round were just more competent...
  13. On Castle Cover, providing they have accidental damage cover (no need for extended personal belongings cover) they will be covered for any loss within the home.
  14. I would always suggest the ombudsman first as they work on a fairness basis rather than a strict legal basis - in addition if you're not happy with the FOS decision you can go to court but once it's been to court, you can't go to the ombudsman - and finally, the ombudsman is free.
  15. You made a claim against the policy which was unsuccessful. It is not a register of successful claims.
  16. Unfortunately, the CIS policy wording here (can't post a link but it's on their website) would seem to exclude it under the cover you seem to have Section B under contents covers computer equipment but excludes "Damage to (i) any item (other than a portable television or remote control unit) designed to be portable" which would cover laptops. Under Accidental Damage, there is an exclusion for "(a) Damage specifically included in or excluded from the Loss or Damage subsection of this Section." - it certainly could be in plainer English but I interpret that to mean that damage already
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