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  1. Hi, I was burgled and my car was stolen and I agreed a settlement yesterday with the insurance company with the cheque in the post. However this morning i have a note from the police saying they had found the car!! Obviously i do not want anything to do with the car and just want to cash the cheque and move on. Can anyone help with regards to this situation? Is the car now the property of the Insurance company and can i just cash the cheque and move on? Thanks for any help received,as you can tell im a bit flustered at the moment . MAJESTIC
  2. Yes the car was on finance. On a different tangent then ,as i have realised now the better option is to take the new car how long after accepting the cash settlement over the phone can i change my mind.Obviously after speaking with Ford the value offer is much lower than they expected so i may want a new car instead now like they offered? I havent recieved any cheques etc and it was only about 7 days ago that the cash settlement was agreed over the phone. Can i go back on it? Many thanks Majestic01
  3. Hi, I recently had my Fiesta stolen from my Flat car park whilst at work. I bought the car directly from ford brand new with RTI insurance. My insurance company offered me a brand new car or a cash settlement for the market value of the car. Obviously i thought that the gap insurance would cover the difference . I accepted the cash offer and went to the GAP for the difference and they have told me that as i have turned down a new car from my insurer they will not pay out the difference.Has anyone had any experience of this? They even had the cheek to say when i spoke to them a
  4. Hi, I come back from holiday last week to find that i had been Burgled whilst i was away. I live in rented accom with my girlfriend in a brand new build and have only been in now 3 months. After seeing the door etc i has come to our attn that the standard of the property security ie doors etc are not of the standard they should be ( bare minimum requirement) which includes the first security door to the building. Also on the night i was burgled i was away so my dad and brother stayed in the flat which hadnt had the replacement door fixed ,just left it hanging off promising that maintenan
  5. Hi , I was recorded at christmas doing 98mph on the M4. My case came up at the end of June and i pleaded guilty via the form. There were serious circumstances in my car at the time which meant i had to get to the nearest service station asap.In a nutshell my ill nan was in the back and she needed her morphine and other medical tablets asap. I thought by pleading this to the judge and by pleading guilty they would understand and i would at least not get the points .Obviously not i was given 6 points and a £300 fine to be paid by 17/7/09 .This leaves me with 9 points on my licence.
  6. Hi thanks for that The only problem is there the driver of the vehicle is my girlfriend, and we let the property together. So they would say that she would know due to the letter (if its on there) about clamping without permits. However there was no clear,visible,understandable and unambigious notices to say that that unauthorized vehicles will be clamped it looks like so that could really help thanks
  7. I have just had a look at the citizens advice website which says: When can you vehicle be clamped- you have parked in the car park of a block of flats, where you are not a resident there must be notices up where you can clearly see them, warning that unauthorized vehicles will be clamped So i will double check the sign but hopefully there may be some light here. My only other concern is there could be a letter i have attached to my permit which was sent via the post which might state that? Now i am wondering if that is the case if i could claim non rece
  8. Hi, The signage states as follows: PRIVATE PROPERTY FULL TERMS ADN CONDITIONS OF USE Patrols continously monitor vehicle activity within the boundaries of this private car park.Entry to and use of this car park is strictly subject to the following terms and conditions.Terms and conditions apply at all times.Vehicles and their contents are left entirely at the risk of the owner/driver and no liability can or will be accepted by the landowner + (name of clamping co). Any vehicle removed and not claimed within seven days will be disposed off. PERMIT HOLDERS ONLY - VEHICLES MUST
  9. I will have a look at the rental agreement re parking tonight and see what they put on there. Obviously as we pay to live in the flats and both are named occupants in the flats we are not trespassing ? So can they clamp us? I will make a note of the sign tonight and post it . Thanks again
  10. There are 3 signs up around the perimeter of the car park but you cant read them from where my car park spot is. I know they have done it to stop non tenants parking there but so far the only people that have been clamped are 4 separate tenants for various reasons.So they have a building of annoyed tenants. I have spoke with the letting agent/landowner and found out that they have had a lot of complaints about this from the tenants since this has started . They conceded they didnt notify us about using a clamping firm and they should have .I think they know they are our tetchy ground with
  11. Hi, First time poster and im very greatful for there being somewhere where i can get some insight and help. I live a block of flats which are owned by a management company and every single flat is rented out.We are each allocated a parking bay ( 1 per flat) and in the last month they have used a clamping company to monitor the car park. Sunday morning @ 1am my girlfriend come over to the flat and parked in the bay next to our official one and by 11am in the morning it had been clamped .I run downstairs to speak with the guy etc and obviously to no avail then i spoke to the office. Th
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