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  1. hi i am arguing with shop direct they say they don,t have to send me a signed cca a true copy is enough they would still be successful in court they are crazy with the charges and i refuse to pay i have 5 accounts simply be , fworld, jd williams, marisota, viva , are the charges legal can they collect succesfully with no cca,s and i have definately not signed any , i opened them online help please:confused:
  2. i have a debt with shop direct back in sept i asked for my signed cca and they sent me a true copy stating they had no obligation to provide a signed one so again in oct i asked again for the original signed and a true copy would not suffice and yet again they state they would be successful in court without a signed agreement not that they were admitting to not having one i opened the accounts online last year and they sre going crazy with charges ,if they have no signed agreement what are the chances of them taking me to court any help would be appreciated:confused:
  3. hi i was wondering as anyone dealt with dml regarding next directory. they constantly call me my account isn,t that old but i still av not signed an agreement and next av admitted in an email they av no agreement on file .is it only before a certain year that this would be good news. ta for any answers
  4. yes they are ccjs and they started with jeremy sutcliffes from 2000- 2008 . the statements they have sent me phoenix thatis only start at 2008 not 1998 and it says if not paying full amount my payments will be allocated in order paying interest and charges first then the principal sum so it will be a big difference to interest they have not mentioned it being a ccj . they were yorkshire bank loan and visa and they have the original account no,s at the top but no ccj no who do i find out of if these are legal tactics:?
  5. dulede thankyou very much for your help i will send a cca request this weekend and see what happens will let you know:D
  6. hi dulede, the amounts are 1,300 on 0ne and only 214 on the other it was yorkshire bank to start with back in 2000 would you leave it a while or send a cca request straight away
  7. hi can anyone advise , i have 2 ccj with yorkshire bank from 2000 they originally were with jeremy sutcliffes then out of the blue merlin financial took them they then last year went to mortimer clark i missed a payment and now 3 months later they are with phoenix recoveries and are going to start charging interest is this illegal as any one else had this happen can this now be unenforceable as they don,t mention it,s a ccj they have only sent me a statement of account from1-10-2008 when the accounts are originally from 1998 help:???:
  8. hi i have just revieved litigation letter stating its from greenwoods i owe 225 i sent a letter offering full and final and moorcroft replied with 168 partial and that they would not persue rest ,meaning i presume someone else could should i send a proof letter and is there a template for it. do you think they have bought this debt or are acting on behalf of greenwoods
  9. thats what they should,ve done with me but they didn,t so they still owe me;)
  10. did you have 1 or 2 loans how many with welcome did you pay up before going for ppi if you topped your loan did they take what was left of the old one over to the 2nd loan as an amount to settle . if you had paid the complete loan up before then you should,ve paid the full ppi amount plus interest thats watyou should get back but on mine they have only paid me back off the 6 that i made before topping up 169 plus 8% yet they took over 628 in ppi and put it as settlement so i paid all ppi off first with second loan do you understand how they craftily did me
  11. traz39 you see if no ppi there would be less going over to 2nd loan so therefore less charges for credit they have not even considered this they think when you see aarge check you,ll not question therest make sure you don,t get done
  12. in my letter to them iv told them i won,t except anything less then wat the fos told them to as they say i still owe 3,000 on a 1,500 loan that iv been paying since 2006 if no ppi existed i worked it that it would be done by 2010 march only 7 payments approx 550 and they still owe me 587 i havse said i will go to court and to the oft i hope i have a strong leg to stand on lol:lol:
  13. this may seem complicated i got 1st loan then topped up on 2nd loan realised i couldn,t afford payments so guy offered to take ppi off butis mistake was he put on the form not suitable for customer ther was 2,000 ppi so he redid my loan without and i took them to the fos for ppi stating if not suitable now y then 14 months later was up held 4 weeks after that got cheque but no loan rewrite its the loan with no ppi on that was not signed by them or dated and no agreement no and it is my origanal copy i have never ccr ed them i just rang and asked for my first 2 loan agreements from my local off
  14. hi iv just been paid out 1170.43but its not what i was expecting as they settled my first loan with the2nd and they were told by fos to put loan how it would,ve been without ppi so iv put account into dispute until they av done this ,also acceptance fee gaining interest is this wrong and there are no signature from welcome staff no date or agreement no on myn last loan does all this make them unenforceable any way ta:confused:
  15. well ifinally got my cheque 1,170 rushed to the banklol but can anyone tell me is it legal to add interest to a acceptance fee do i have a good case if they are doing this .any help guys would be appreciated:|
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