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  1. I got a reply from halifax 7 days after sending my SAR, Letter stating that they have received my SAR request and will send the data request within 40 days.
  2. I moved 2 years ago. Robinson way have been sending letters to my new address, BG are not informed of my new address but have sent me this letter to my new address at i put new address on the SAR request. I have sent british Gas a SAR Request, Do i send british gas a CCA request as robinson way is no longer dealing with the loan?
  3. Egg unsecured loan, cabot now owns. It was advice from the Solicitor there was nothing that we could do for the charging order and did not attend court. He advised that we should get the original CCJ set aside, he made attempt to get the SD & Original agreements from morgan solicitors but did not happen in time.
  4. I have a loan from British Gas; I've been unable to pay for 2 years due to losing my job. I sent Robinson way a CCA request on 23/07/09; I got a reply on 29/07/09 stating they will no longer be dealing with the account. On 06/08/09 received another letter from Robinson Way, We have noted the dispute / query you have raised. We will make the necessary enquiries and let you know of the outcome in due course. In the meantime we will stop all collection activity for this account. The 14 days is long over due for the CCA request. Question: Do I still send out the Dispute le
  5. Need advice on charging order only. Morgan Solicitors have obtained a charging order on my home 13 Aug 09 on behalf of Cabot Financial previously owned by Egg. I have NOT sent out any CCA, CPR or SAR request. Will sending out CCA, CPR or SAR request delay Morgan trying to get a sale of order? Would it be advisable to send CCA or CPR to Morgan? I used a local solicitor who wasted time sending useless letter to Morgan and was no help by which time Morgan obtained the charging order. Can I get the original CCJ set aside and cancel the charging order? I re
  6. Hi broooooooooce, I sent the letter on 17/08/09 recorded delivery, No reply from halifax so far!
  7. Thankyou cerberusalert , I'll send this letter out A.S.A.P recorded.
  8. I have a Credit card with Halifax which I was unable to pay of 2 years; I started to make payment of £18p/m to keep them happy. Sent a SAR 28/07/09 to Halifax and had no reply yet. I sent a CCA Request to Blair, Oliver & Scott DCA 23/07/09, I’ve received reply from Halifax for the CCA Request. This is the Letter: Dear Mr Xxxxxx Our Ref:xxxxxxxxxx I write in response to your request for a copy of your consumer credit agreement under Section 78 of the Consumer Credit Act (CCA). I have enclosed with this letter a copy of your reconstituted version of the
  9. If people are sending s77 and s77(6) for loans that would be incorrect as there is NO s77(6) in the consumer act. Could the DCA use this error in delaying the CCA request for loan agreements or not send them out at all. I sent 1 CCA request for a loan agreement, I'm going to resend the CCA request using s77 and s77(4) in my letter as the first CCA request s77 and s77(6) would be incorrect. What do you recommend T_shadow. Can you show me a version of your CCA Request.
  10. T_Shadow, Thanks again. Don't you thinnk the template on the site should be corrected. I also checked the consumer act and noticed there was no s77(6) Loans s77 and s77(4) Credit Cards s78 and s78(6)
  11. I think i might have made a mistake!! I sent the CCA request for credit cards like this: I changed both s77 to s78 highlighted in red Should have only changed the first s77 highlighted in red to s78 for credit cards and left s77(6) Shall i resend the CCA Requests. Can someone confirm if i've sent the CCA request correctly or incorrect? Do you advise me to resend out CCA request again correctly.
  12. MJ & PT, thankyou.. Can i have some help on my other thread.. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/legal-issues/210134-help-please-newbie-cabot-2.html
  13. Bump.. P.s I have not SAR any of the original lenders yet, Will be sending Monday. Which is the best SAR template to use?
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