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  1. I was wondering if anybody else has had a problem with their BT Broadband talk facility when it comes to incorrect charging.Having been with BT Broadband since October 2007 i have never used the Broadband Talk facility ever.Two months ago i noticed charges to this service that i have never used.Having contacted BT on numerous occassions to rectify the problem,they investigated the issue and surprise surprise they said there wasn't one.They assured me the line had'nt been tapped and the line wasn't faulty.As i live on my own i know what calls i make,and none have ever been made from this service. Tracking back my bills i noticed this problem went back to April 2008,but went unnoticed due to the miniscule amounts charged to the Broadband Talk number,only when the bill amounts were much higher than usual did i see the problem. I was unaware that the Broadband Talk Phone account should be deactivated after 90 days if never used,so the problem i have should never have arisen.It also took BT a month to cancel the account when it can be done straight away.The calls i was suppossed to have made were calls to a mobile number i'd never heard of,and 0845 numbers i'd never called.Has anyone else encountered this problem,and can a Broadband Talk line be hacked into?
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